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Buy Local Movement Creates Reverse Showroomers

Posted by admin on 5/14/13 11:00 PM
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The following excerpt, from the article Reverse’ showroomers browse online retailers to support local businesses, was written by and published in The Seattle Times. After writing a recent column about the prevalence of showooming in today's world of retail, Guzman received several replies from readers who actually do the opposite! They browse online for things they like then go to local stores to pick up the items.

Many of these reverse showroomers feel passionately about the trend, especially when it comes to books. Their testaments are proof that brick and mortar bookstores aren't going anywhere. Read a few of the responses she received below then view the full article for more inspiring testimonials:

I actually do the opposite. I find a book I want to read online then call a few local independent bookstores (yeah, call on the phone!) to see if they have it.

What I do makes no financial sense, but I love the relationship I have with bookstores in Brooklyn [David, a former Seattleite, recently moved to New York]. I don’t mind paying extra to support them.

To me, the bookstore is sacred space I go to and I having trusting relationships with the people who work there to introduce me to great books. I almost see the higher price as a consultation fee that I’m willing to pay.

-David Hoang



I don’t have a smartphone, so I actually do the opposite of showrooming. I check to look for publication dates of new books by my favorite authors. I then visit local independent bookstores and buy the books. I only ordered books from Amazon once. I was not happy about the way they were shipped or delivered. … I’ll pay the real price for my books, AND keep bricks and mortar retailers alive, any day.

-Karen Ellis

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