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Buyback Vendor Recommendations: Dry Erase Dorm Room Calendars

Posted by admin on 3/25/13 11:00 PM
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As your partner, our goal is to help your store succeed and a big part of that success depends on effectively advertising your store. Although our MBS Promo Guide offers extensive options, we understand that you may want to expand your marketing efforts even further. To help you think of new and creative ways to promote your biggest events, we’ll feature vendor recommendations for additional marketing resources once a week throughout the month of March. Take a look:

Vendor Name: RR Donnelly

Product: Dry Erase Dorm Room Calendars

Item Details: Customize the 14 x 22 inch calendars with your store’s most important event dates such as buyback and rush or any other useful information that could drive students to the store. The calendar section remains static so that students can use it continually throughout the year.

Uses: Because they can be so widely used, these four color, personalized calendars make an ideal in-store giveaway item, especially for the incoming class, or could even be sold as merchandise!

Benefits: With RR Donnelley's Dry Erase CleanTac® Sheets, your calendars can be placed on any flat surface and transformed into a reusable writing surface. These unique sheets resist cracking, scuffing and abrasion and are compatible with dry erase markers. The markers will not bleed through the sheets, so the calendars can be used over and over again without damaging the wall or door behind, making them perfect for dorm rooms and apartments.

Plus, because they use special adhesive, the calendars can be removed and reapplied intact many times without damaging the sheet or surface. They'll leave no sticky residue, even after being in place for weeks, months - even years!

Best of all, you can even offset the cost by selling ad space to local or on-campus vendors to be included in the customizable portions of the calendar.

How to Get Started: Interested in customizing your own Dry Erase Dorm Room Calendars? Contact Joel Lattuca by email or by phone at 800-456-2496x2732 or 800-280-4520x2732 for more information.

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