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Social Media Series: Socialize Your Website

Posted by admin on 6/23/11 11:00 PM
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The following article was originally published on Internet Retailer by Allison Enright, Senior Editor. View the full article.

Google Inc. and Twitter released separate tools this week that make it easier for retailers to reach online shoppers. The Google feature lets consumers influence the search results their friends will see on Google, including promoting products they like, while Twitter’s new tool makes it easier for consumers to receive messages from their favorite e-retailers.

Google today made available code that enables any web site to add a +1 recommendation button to any web page. When Google launched the +1 recommendation tool in March, it allowed web users to indicate they like a particular Google search result, similar to the way Facebook members use that social network’s Like button. +1 recommendations are reflected in the search results that other consumers see and are one of the signals used to calculate organic search results on Google.

MBS Foreword Online - MBS Systems inSite "Add This" feature

Google says consumers will soon see the +1 button on Best Buy and Nordstrom e-retail sites. “With a single click, you can recommend that raincoat, news article or favorite sci-fi movie to friends, contacts and the rest of the world,” Google says in a blog post announcing the expansion of +1.

Meanwhile, microblogging social network Twitter also released web code this week that makes it easier and faster for consumers to start following e-retailers’ Twitter posts. E-retailers that embed a Twitter “follow” button on their sites enable consumers logged into their Twitter accounts to subscribe to the e-retailer’s posts. Previously, to subscribe to a feed, consumers had to visit an e-retailer’s Twitter page and click to subscribe to the feed. Adding the new code makes it possible to bypass that step and keep the consumer on the e-retail site.

“For publishers and brands, adding the follow button to your web site and using Twitter to stay connected with your audience is a powerful combination. People who follow your account are much more likely to retweet and engage with your tweets, and to repeatedly visit your web site,” says a Twitter blog post announcing the follow button.

Webmasters can configure a follow button for their website by visiting the resources section of

Did you know that adding these new features and other social plug-ins, for that matter, to your inSite page is as simple as copy and paste?

Once you copy the code provided by the social network of your choice, you can paste it within your e-commerce site using the design module of inSite Content Manager (iCM) Design Editor. You can add a like, follow, or +1 button, and even embed the Facebook status RSS feed to display on your website.

Along with this capability, we’ve also embedded our own social feature, “Add This,” within the platform. When enabled, this optional feature allows students to interact with your site by selecting the merchandise they like, and sharing it with their friends.

With 340 available social networking sites to choose from, “Add This” makes it easy to spread the word about your favorite merchandise, products, or services with the click of a button.

Even better, this interactive feature provides analytics to help your store determine its most popular items. To activate this function, simply navigate to the Social Networking Options menu within the iCM Design Editor.

To add any of these features, contact your inSite Client Representative for more information and assistance with making your website social!

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