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The LSC Store Enhances Faculty Relations During Duty Day

Posted by admin on 11/27/11 10:00 PM
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Receiving all your faculty adoptions on time is no easy task. That’s why the LSC Store decided to find a new way to educate faculty on the process, in hopes that an enhanced understanding would simplify the store’s effort.

“We had just installed our first POS system in the store with MBS last April, so our faculty had to learn a completely new process,” Gail Wahlberg, online store coordinator, explained. “We knew we needed to find a way to educate them on adoptions, but we didn’t feel we had the expertise to field their questions just yet.”

Using their partnership with MBS to their advantage, the store decided to collaborate by having their inSite representatives debut the new process at an existing on-campus event.

“Our college hosts a Duty Day for faculty, staff and administration in between each semester to go over the strengths and weaknesses of our campus and plan for the following semester,” Wahlberg said. “There’s always breakout sessions for training on specific topics, so we thought it was an excellent opportunity to rollout out the new faculty adoptions.”

After seeking approval from campus administration, the store’s staff worked with their inSite Representatives to plan.

“We set up an overhead projector in the common area and he gave a half hour web presentation, walking us all through the procedure, step-by-step,” she said. “It worked out great!”

Beyond the one-time presentation, the store also was able to provide staff with resources for later reference.

“I created a Faculty Adoption User Sheet that had initial log-in information and attached the MBS Guided Adoption sheet along with it, so that they could have a take away” she described. “We also made the handouts available online for our adjunct faculty who weren’t able to physically be at Duty Day.”

The combination of these informational tools ultimately made the faculty of LSC much more comfortable with submitting adoptions.

“There was a lot of anxiety going in but our inSite representative was able to alleviate those worries by demonstrating exactly how easy it is through the MBS system,” she explained. “They were very receptive to the initiative and we got a lot of good feedback!”

Since then, the store has continued their effort of communicating with faculty in hopes of enhancing the relationship further.

“We encourage them to call us at anytime with questions about adoptions,” Wahlberg said. “We go to meet them or invite them to the store and help them resolve any issues they may have.”

As for the future, the LSC Store has considered expanding this idea even further.

“We originally initiated the Duty Day demonstration as a one-time thing, but we’ve thought about offering it again as a refresher in the future,” she explained. “We’re also looking into hosting a special day for our faculty, or offering a discount in the store for submitting early adoptions. It’s such an important part of what we do, so we’re willing to put in the extra effort to make the relationship a successful one.”

How do you encourage faculty adoptions? Share your ideas and strategies with your peers by commenting below!

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