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The UD Bookstore Turns Buyback into a Main Event

Posted by Kate Seat on 5/11/15 12:00 AM

It’s no secret that the end of the semester is a stressful time for students. To help them make it through successfully, the University of Dayton Bookstore has had a long-standing tradition of offering free massages to their customers during buyback. This year, the staff at the UD Bookstore took this a step further, transforming their buyback and rental return into the "Main Event.”

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Buyback Survival Guide

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/30/15 8:34 AM

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April 2015: The Greatest Deals on Earth

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 4/1/15 3:06 PM

Students look forward to buyback all semester. Not only do they have the opportunity to get some cash by selling their books back, but buyback also symbolizes that summer vacation is right around the corner. So take advantage of their excitement by making this your biggest event of the year and the greatest buyback ever. Basically, turn your buyback into a (organized) circus!

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MSU Billings Improves Opening Buyback Sales by 50%

Posted by Dean Asher on 3/23/15 12:00 AM

Buyback is a major part of a college store’s operations and tends to get a heavy promotional push — for the end of the term. Lower sales and the bustle that comes with students returning to campus tend to leave buys scheduled at the opening of the term neglected in terms of marketing muscle.

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LLCC Students Raise Nearly $800 in Buyback Donations

Posted by Dean Asher on 1/11/15 10:00 PM

The stereotypical student might be out for every penny they can get during buyback. Lincoln Land Community College is not full of stereotypical students.

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November 2014: Sellback Selfies

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 11/1/14 4:30 AM


The rise of the smartphone has brought along a lot of new trends for people around the world. In addition to allowing people to have nearly all of the world’s information sitting in their pockets, iPhones and similar devices have led to the popularity of selfies (a term that you can now find in the dictionary!)

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Edinboro University Campus Bookstore Increases Social Reach by 642%

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 5/11/14 11:00 PM

Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram students are constantly snapping photos and, chances are, most of them are “selfies.” Taking advantage of the latest rage, Edinboro University Campus Bookstore hosted a Selfie Spectacular during buyback as a way to gain student attention and bring them into the store.

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Pine State Home Delivery: Bringing Bookstores to the Age of "Now"

Posted by admin on 5/5/14 11:00 PM

The following article was written by MBS Representative, Rob Heller. Check out more industry insight from Rob on his blog!

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The Wildcat Bookstore Tells Students: Recycle, Reuse and Receive Some Cash!

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/28/14 11:00 PM

The theme was all things green for the Wildcat Bookstore at West L.A. College on Earth Day this year. In keeping with the Earth Day mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” the store coordinated a sidewalk sale, a buyback event and a recycling effort that encouraged students to donate books that weren’t eligible for buyback through OnePlanet Books.

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Make Buyback an Event

Posted by admin on 4/15/14 11:00 PM

The following article was written by our very own Marketing Representative, Beth Gallagher for the California Association of College Stores (CACS) newsletter.

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