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Foreword Online Marketing Plans

Posted by Erica Martin on 4/1/16 9:20 AM

Our partner stores always amaze us with their innovative ideas, strategies and events. But we also understand that, sometimes, your schedule can make it very difficult to prepare for and implement them. That’s why we developed our Monthly Marketing Plans! Each month, we’ll provide you with access to new strategies you can easily implement to drive customers to your store, website, and even social media sites.

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March 2016: Foolish Flash Promotion

Posted by Dean Asher on 3/1/16 9:35 AM

Sometimes it’s frustrating for college stores to see their customers shop elsewhere, despite knowing the value you offer them as their on-campus store. You might say it’s downright foolish. Take advantage of April Fool’s Day to play a few harmless pranks on your students and show them why they shouldn’t shop anywhere else with the Foolish Flash Promotion!

This promotion will involve a lot of humorous shenanigans everyone can enjoy, but also gives big savings to a few lucky students and points out all the reasons your store is the best place to shop.

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February 2016: Swap and Shop at Your Campus Store

Posted by Kate Seat on 2/1/16 10:57 AM

Whether you’d like to clear out some inventory or showcase new products, hosting a “Swap & Shop” event is a great way to get your customers to come in and see what you have to offer. And it couldn’t be easier: all they have to do to receive a discount on new apparel is bring in their old, gently-worn school gear. They’ll love the opportunity to refresh their wardrobe (just in time for spring), clean out their closets and — because you’re combining the event with a donation drive for a local charity — participate in a great cause!

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January 2016: Snappy Hour

Posted by Kate Seat on 1/1/16 4:22 PM

With 100 million daily users, Snapchat is an app that’s already found a devoted audience among millennials. What’s the appeal?

  1. Snaps only last for 10 seconds
  2. Snaps are all about the visual
  3. Snaps can only be seen by your followers

Though these only scratch the surface of what makes the app so popular, they’re a great place to start to explain how Snapchat can be an invaluable tool to increase engagement from your customers, move some merchandise and put a fresh spin on the old flash sale.

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The MMP MVPs of 2015

Posted by Kate Seat on 12/16/15 1:00 AM

We enjoy working on every aspect of Foreword Online, but one of our favorite sections has to be the monthly marketing plans. Not only are they fun to brainstorm and plan, the best part has to be seeing how all of you college stores put them into action. So as 2015 winds down, we thought it was the perfect time to review the most popular plans from the last twelve months.

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December 2015: What’s Your New Year’s Anti-Resolution?

Posted by Dean Asher on 12/1/15 2:36 PM

Why start the year off with a to-do list that often never gets done?

Let’s be honest. More often than not, resolutions fall apart before the end of the year. We make every effort to get to the gym, eat better or travel more, but by the end of the year, we’re back to where we started.

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November 2015: Down, Periscope!

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 11/1/15 1:07 PM

If you haven’t heard of it before, Periscope is a new app that uses live streaming video to reach followers anytime, anyplace. All a Periscope user has to do is pull out his or her phone, open the app, and start filming. Their followers will get a notification on their phone saying that User X has just gone live, thereby encouraging them to tune in and see what’s happening.

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October 2015: (Pumpkin) Spice Up your Store this Autumn with a Fall Fest

Posted by Dean Asher on 10/1/15 1:32 PM

Nights are getting longer. Cobwebs and candy corn adorn offices everywhere. Campus smells like crisp leaves and that telltale chill in the air, (depending on where you are in the country, of course.) Autumn is among us.

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September 2015: Rock the Vote with Campus Debates & Forums

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/1/15 12:00 AM

You might have realized by now that your students are an opinionated crowd, and one that loves a good opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions with their peers. And with debates and general election talk being in the news so frequently, now is a great time to get your students involved by encouraging them to rock the vote in some fun bookstore-related elections, polls and debates.

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August 2015: Laugh Off Bookstore Misconceptions by Reading Mean Tweets

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/1/15 12:00 AM

In a perfect world, every customer interaction would be… well, perfect. Satisfied shoppers would leave your store with a smile, vowing to return soon to purchase more. Then, they’d promptly tweet, like, post and rate their experience on any/all social networks they patronize, encouraging their friends and family members to also visit your store to buy copious amounts of merchandise.

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