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Facebook's Ad Changes, and What They Mean for Your Store

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/25/16 5:00 AM

Is your store utilizing Facebook ads? They can be an effective way to ensure your message is reaching the right demographics near your school, but recent changes to Facebook's ad system could change that if you're not careful.

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5 Social Media Rules You Should Never Break

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/23/16 8:00 AM

By this point, social media should be an important part of your overall marketing strategy, but you may not be using your various accounts to their fullest capabilities. Here are a few general rules you should keep in mind next time (and every time) you post something new:

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Pinterest's Video Ads Now Available (for Some)

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/19/16 8:00 AM

Video has become a marketing staple for brands to use when communicating with current or potential customers. While it is a little bit late to the game — and not yet available to everyone — Pinterest's Promoted Video could be a vital tool for showcasing your store's merchandise.

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Surprising Stats That Prove You Need to be on Instagram [Infographic]

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/17/16 8:48 AM

Did you know more than half of all millennials use Instagram on a daily basis? That's just one of the reasons your store should be using the image-based social media platform.

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Fans Win with Mizzou Night at Busch Stadium

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/15/16 7:00 AM

On July 15, Mizzou fans took over Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals go up against the Marlins. This event was part of the launch of a new initiative to co-brand college sports with Major League Baseball. To celebrate the new licensing partnership, the staff at The Mizzou Store and New Era Caps offered Mizzou fans a chance to win two tickets to the game, a one-night stay in a St. Louis area hotel and three MU/Cardinals caps.

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Will Instagram Kill Snapchat?

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/9/16 9:32 AM

Is it really possible for one photo app to rule them all? Until recently, Instagram and Snapchat had very different qualities — because they were best suited to different situations, it made sense to use both apps. With recent releases of new overlapping features, however, it's likely that one of the two may end up dominating.

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What the Future Holds for Social Media Videos [Infographic]

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/4/16 4:30 AM

Though they can be time consuming and difficult to set up, it's no secret that videos are a terrific way to promote your store. Social media also provide an excellent venue to host and share those videos, but we all know that landscape changes frequently. 

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How to Build Snapchat Geofilters for Your Store

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/3/16 5:00 AM

If you’re on Snapchat, have you seen a lot of geofilters popping up on people’s stories? You know, those little graphical overlays that feature an illustration of a location or event at which the photo was taken and uploaded?

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New Updates to Snapchat Make Now the Perfect Time to Use It

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/2/16 4:00 AM

Many social media and tech experts are declaring that Snapchat has grown to the point that it's officially joining the ranks of Facebook and Twitter as ubiquitous social media apps, widely used by large masses of people. That means that if your store hasn't been using Snapchat as a part of its marketing strategy, now's the perfect time to start.

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Easy Ways to Humanize Your Social Media Updates

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/26/16 7:00 AM

Your store's social media accounts are the public face of your business. In fact, it's likely that many of your customers' first impressions will be based on what you post online.

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