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Why Millenials Make the Best Employees

Posted by admin on 10/17/13 11:00 PM
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Hiring millenials offers a valuable opportunity for your store to gain inside information about your target audience. In the following excerpt, from the article 4 Ways to Keep Your Millennial Workers Happy, Rieva Lesonsky shares why this group is actually ideal for employment, contrary to what most may believe.

Are you reluctant to hire millennial workers because you believe these free-spirited 20-somethings will leave your business for greener pastures after you’ve invested time and money in training them? Popular opinion of millennials portrays them as members of a "free agent nation," happily hopping from job to job. But the reality is far different.

Millennials are actually much more likely than older workers to value the idea of long-term careers, reports a recent study by and GfK. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of millennials aged 18 to 30 say it’s possible to have a lasting career in today’s workforce, compared to less than half (48 percent) of baby boomers.

So what constitutes a career for millennials, compared to just a “job”? More than one third (37 percent) of millennials believe that a career provides a sense of accomplishment; just 2 percent think a job does. Financial security is also a defining factor. More than half of millennials (57 percent) say a career provides them with lifelong earning potential, while only 5 percent say a job does. Baby boomers, in comparison, were less likely to draw distinctions between the benefits of a job and of a career.

If you’re surprised, perhaps you shouldn’t be. After all, as the study notes, coming of age in a turbulent economy is enough to leave anyone yearning for a well-defined, secure career—and millennials are optimistic that they can find one.

Clearly, providing a career—or at least the potential for one—is an important way your small business can attract and retain Gen Y employees. It also has important benefits for your business. Employees who feel satisfied they’re on a career path at your company are less likely to leave for advancement elsewhere.

Lucky for you, there's a whole pool of millenials who are looking for careers right at your fingertips. Check out four way you can attract and retain this all-important group to work at your store here.

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