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1,000 Posts!

Posted by Kate Seat on 3/26/15 11:00 PM
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Can you believe that we've reached our 1,000th post? Personally, we don’t feel a day over 900 posts, but the numbers don’t lie.

st mary

We've loved every minute of sharing articles and tips on a variety of subjects related to collegiate retail. And just about every Monday for the last four years, we've especially enjoyed bringing you glimpses into life at stores just like yours in our College Store Stories. Thanks for taking this journey with us — we can’t wait to bring you the next 1,000!

In honor of hitting four digits, we thought we’d stroll down memory lane and revisit some of our most popular posts.

St. Mary’s University Bookstore Draws Attention with a Dead Book Display

While there may be better options for your books without marketplace value (for example, One Planet Books), at some point you may have some books that you think are too damaged to serve any purpose. Wrong! For some inspiration, check out this story about how St. Mary’s University Bookstore transformed a few old law books into an eye-catching window display.

Coker College Bookstore Increases Buyback by 59% with a Sweet Promotion

It’s always a good idea to treat your customers to a little reward when you can, and buyback is an especially opportune time. The Coker College Bookstore tied the event to Payday candy bars and marketed buyback as the students’ “payday.” Each candy bar they handed out had a coupon for a door prize, which ranged from smaller toiletries and stickers, to t-shirts and foldable chairs. Find out how it paid off in this sweet story.

isuUniversity Bookstore Hosts Duct Tape Fashion Show

Over the years, we've featured the creative folks at the Iowa State University Bookstore a few times. This article, from Foreword Online’s first year, showcased how the bookstore inspired their students to be creative with a duct tape fashion show. The event gathered quite a bit of attention — and got their customers to stick together some pretty impressive duct tape-only outfits!

University Book Store Connects With New Students

Starting a new semester can be an anxious time for incoming students. To help alleviate the stress, the University Book Store at the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed “New Student Night,” where first-semester students could get to know the campus organizations, eat pizza and win prizes. Because the bookstore sourced many of the prizes and giveaway items from vendors and local businesses, the night was a win-win for everyone!


WKU Students Go Nuts Over Unofficial Store Mascot

Many campuses have squirrels (usually the common gray ones), but the Western Kentucky University campus in Bowling Green has the distinction of having white squirrels. The WKU Store tapped into the students’ affection for the little rodents by creating an unofficial store mascot, dubbed “Colonel Blanco,” and then gave away items featuring him during their textbook sellback. See how the Colonel captured the hearts of the community and gave the store an opportunity to provide some lower-cost merchandise to their customers.

Want to be featured in a future store story? Let us know in the comments or email us!

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