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11 Summer Store Events That Are All Too Familiar

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/7/15 12:01 PM
Topics: college retail

July means it's officially summer (we don't count the summer solstice, either) so we're calling out the top events that take place in your store this season. 

11 summer store events that are all too familiar


1. The calm after graduation, but before summer sessions begin


Ah, the idyllic calm of the post-graduation, pre-summer session days. Campus is mostly empty, hours pass without a single customer wandering in and you've already dusted everything within reach. Twice.

2. Inventory!

inventory 1

Hey, while we're slow, let's do inventory. Maybe if you hurry up and count all the things, you'll get to leave early.

3. More inventory

inventory 3

I guess leaving early was just a dream. Is it still daylight outside?

4. Still taking inventory...

inventory 2

Miss a section? Better start over. What's the recommended daily value for a venti, quad, three-pump mocha from Starbucks?

5. Inventory is finally over!

inventory over

You're done! And you can't even feel the exhaustion because of all the caffeine, right? Then you fall asleep standing up.

6. Closing the store early for the 4th of July


"Stay open if you're busy" translates to "if you hide under the counter, maybe no one will come in."

7. Sidewalk sales in the dead of summer

sidewalk sale

It's hot. You're hot. Your customers are hot. But these deals are even hotter!

8. Hosting an ice cream social to "beat the heat"

Ice cream social

Let's be honest, you really just want an excuse to eat ice cream at work.

9. Helping students during Freshman Orientation


The campus is filled with fresh-faced youngsters, exuding equal parts enthusiasm and abject terror at messing up/getting lost/failing at life. Suddenly you realize you've never even heard of the building they're looking for. Do you: a) fake it b) guess? or c) try to Google it without being obvious?

10. Rush prep

Rush prep

Is it August already? Time to get everything in order in anticipation of the big event and wait for a gazillion kids to flood your textbook department.



Don't lie, you know you love it.

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