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3 Easy Tips to Take the Hassle out of Hashtags

Posted by Kate Seat on 5/27/14 11:00 PM
Topics: social media

When does a hashtag help you? More importantly, how can overusing it restrict your visibility? It can be difficult to figure out how liberally you should use this powerful little character. Luckily for you, Hilary Smith eliminates some of the guesswork in a post originally featured on Business 2 Community. We have chosen the three points we feel are most relevant for familiarizing yourself with proper hashtag use in the following excerpt. Read on, and then check out her full article.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the hashtag has pretty much taken over social media.

With sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram all using this format to organize content, it should be clear that this once forgotten character on the keyboard has finally made the big time. According to some research by Buddy Media, one lonely hashtag can increase engagement by 100%!

Here are some tips on how to effectively make use of hashtags in your social media marketing.

#1. Choose the right words

The hashtag isn’t meant to be used for every word in your post. If someone wants to find news about their favorite basketball team, they might search for #NBA, but they probably aren’t going to search #basket or #ball.

Hashtags are typically very focused, meaning that simple and frequently used words don’t usually make the cut.

#2. Don’t overdo it

Just because you can use more than one hashtag in a message doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Most perusers of social media sites see an overabundance of hashtags as nothing more than spam. While they can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, you may do yourself a disservice if you use them too frequently.

Typically, you don’t want to use more than one or two hashtags per post, with one hashtag being the optimal choice. In addition, it will be important to avoid using them in every single post that you make, as social media users are wary of businesses trying too hard to promote themselves.

Use these organizational tools when it makes sense to use them and you’ll reap the rewards of a more engaged subscriber base.

#3. Create brand engagement

The true power of hashtagging is the ability to connect with various popular and incredibly visible topics, which will drive new viewers to your social media presence, as well as give you the opportunity to engage with them. When well-crafted and used sparingly, hashtags can help increase your visibility and even improve customer relations.

You definitely don’t want to ignore them, but you don’t necessarily want to use hashtags while conversing with your followers either. As noted above, you don’t necessarily need to use a hashtag in every post, but it’s particularly important to remember that you should not use them while responding to someone. Whether it’s a retweet or a reply, avoid plugging these characters in when they are not needed.

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Kate Seat is a former copywriter at MBS. When away from work, she’s either creating one-of-a-kind art dolls, reading or watching way too much tv with her husband, daughter and an irritable chinchilla named Klaus.

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