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3 Great Facebook Giveaway Plans

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/5/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, facebook, sales strategies, contests

Here at Foreword Online, we like to highlight plans for promotions with our Marketing Plans. But why wait for the plan each month? If you want to drum up engagement on your store's Facebook page and get students excited, a giveaway can be an awesome way to do it. James Scherer over at Wishpond highlighted some of the best ways to host a giveaway.

Holiday themed

Holiday themed giveaway ideasSo much of running a successful contest is about tapping into what people are thinking about (that’ll be a running theme in this article) and holidays are the most proven way of doing that.

People want to make their holiday special for themselves and their loved-ones. A prize which gives that to your entrants is special indeed, and more than worth an email address. Again and again our most successful giveaways coincide with one of the many holidays throughout the year.

More ideas for holiday-themed giveaways on facebook:

  • A Mother’s Day giveaway offering Mom a spa day with a girlfriend, a family photo session or a date night with her partner.
  • A food-focused giveaway around the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July or Labor Day, people are thinking about food. Offer any kitchen item around these holidays and you’re good to go.
  • A Valentine’s Day giveaway which offers something different: a weekend car rental or limo service, hair and makeup package, concert or art gallery tickets, pin-up modeling photo shoot or boat cruise.

Seasonal or event-focused giveaway

An example of a seasonal or event-focused giveawayLike holiday-focused giveaways, seasonal or event promotions are all about giving your entrants exactly what they’re thinking and wanting most at that point in time.

The best part of seasonal and event giveaways is that there’s always something going on, and (with a little creativity) those seasons or events can be tied to your business.

Moreideas for event or seasonal giveaways on Facebook:

  • A super-bowl giveaway offering a VIP gourmet snack package with all the goodies, delivered to the winner’s door on the day.
  • A spring cleaning giveaway in mid-March with your newest cleaning products, a maid service or an interior decoration consultation.
  • A summer giveaway run in May, offering camping gear, luggage set, travel insurance, swimwear, etc.
  • Back-to-school giveaway like the example above, offering sports team sponsorship, an e-reader, or a cold/flu car package with tea, a blanket, a hot water bottle, and bubble bath.


One of the primary objectives for brands running Facebook giveaways is increasing their Page Likes. And why not? A giveaway on Facebook gives you the same return as dozens of hours spent creating smart and time-sensitive Facebook posts or hundreds of dollars on Facebook advertising.

Focusing on social engagement is a great idea for a Facebook giveaway, and there’s a couple primary ways you can do it:

  • Prompt entrants to Like your page with arrows, prompts and CTAs within your giveaway Page
  • Create a “Like-This” entry popup which appears over your giveaway’s Page (only available through select third-party giveaway apps, like Wishpond)

Example of “Like-This” entry popupYou used to be able to require entrants to Like your Facebook Page before they could enter your contest (called a “Like-Gate”) but Facebook banned it. Luckily, many brands are finding that the “Like-This” entry popup actually generates more valuable Fans (because people are more actively choosing to Like, rather than being forced into it).

More ideas for socially-focused giveaways on Facebook:

  • Prompt your giveaway entrants to share with their family and friends and get them to vote for the entrant’s submission (use a vote or photo contest for this). This drives serious traffic to your Facebook Page.
  • Use Wishpond’s Like-prompt popup, with your brand logo, an image and a request to Like your Page (they can always disengage by clicking anywhere away from the popup)
— James Scherer, Wishpond
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