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3 Proven Ways to Get More Views on Your Videos

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/30/16 5:00 AM
Topics: video, Marketing to Students

Have you ever worked on a video to share on YouTube or Facebook? You know how much time it takes to put together even one short 30-second clip to highlight your store or a product or service you provide. Unfortunately, you also probably know the frustration or disappointment when you get fewer views on that video than you'd have hoped for.

Video marketing is hard for stores and staffs of all sizes. Thankfully, here are easy ways to increase your play rate on videos you produce, compliments of Hubspot.

  3 Proven Ways to Get More Views on Your Videos

1) Make the thumbnail friendly

The video thumbnail is the first thing your audience sees when they look at your video. Think of it as your video's CEO. It represents your video to your audience, just like a CEO represents her company to the world. When putting up a video, many companies use the generic thumbnail image — usually a frame somewhere in the middle of your video. Using a custom thumbnail, however, can increase  your play rate by 34%

2) Show off your brand’s colors

Your brand's look and feel is crucial to brand recognition. You wouldn't want your video player to stand out in the wrong way. Adjusting your player color will bring your website or email together in a cohesive and branded way. We've found that choosing a custom player color that represents your brand increases your video's play rate by a full 19%. 

You can choose to use a color that is the same as the elements on your website, landing page, or email to bring the content together and make it look more professional, influencing a higher percentage of your audience to click play and ultimately convert.

3) Keep it short 

You've probably heard it a million times — in today's age, humans have short attention spans. We're bombarded with content, and much of that content is in video form. In order to keep your audience's engagement strong and convince them to convert, your video should stay within a certain time frame.

— Margot Mazur, Hubspot
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