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3 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy

Posted by Kate Seat on 9/13/16 8:00 AM
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While many of our college store partners are accomplished social media users, some of you are still just getting started — luckily, this is a great time to be forming your strategy. In addition to the articles, store stories and links we post regularly on Foreword Online, there is a wealth of resources available online to help you maximize your social media marketing efforts. 

This excerpt shares three simple ways to instantly improve your online efforts. After you read the selection below, be sure to check out the other tips on Business 2 Community and take a look at all of the resources we've compiled.  

Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy

Build Your Fan Base Organically

Never hire someone from Fiverr who can add 10,000 fans for a fee. This is a bad idea on many levels. Instead, find groups with people in your target audience. Be helpful. Start real conversations. Invite them to join your social media page or group. Don’t be afraid to reach out with private messaging to respond to questions they have or share resources or advice. So don’t buy followers. It’s about quality of followers, not quantity. It’s better to have 1000 raving fans you have attracted, than to have 10,000 fans who don’t really know you or have investment in the connection.

Offer a Mix of Post Content

People love variety. Be creative and provide a variety of content formats including how-to articles, videos, graphics, and infographics. An ideal content marketing strategy is to always keep your target market in mind and post what you think they will best want to receive from you.

Post at the Ideal Time for Best Exposure

Timing is everything. If you share an incredible post, you want to ensure the most people possible can see it!There are many social media tools to help you see the best times to post content to reach the biggest audience. This may vary from platform to platform. So don’t guess when you can use analytic tools with reports that help you identify the ideal time to post.— Susan Friesen, via Business 2 Community
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