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3 Social Media Hearing Aids You Can't Listen Without

Posted by Dean Asher on 3/18/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, college store customer service, Marketing to Students

You hear a lot about "social listening," or paying attention to what people are saying about your store, your brand or your merchandise and reacting accordingly. Social listening is an awesome way to develop a business or marketing plan, minimize or remove issues customers might have and improve your store's reputation as a whole, but with the hundreds of millions of posts people make to social media every day, sorting through all the noise to find relevant information can be more than a full-time job. Hootsuite has recommended a number of social listening apps and tools to make that job easier. You can see their full list at the original post, but we've pulled some of our favorite three for you to check out.

1) Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

With over 114.5 million unique views a month, listening and monitoring your brand on reddit should be part of your social media monitoring strategy. Use the Reddit Keyword Monitor app to monitor who is talking about your brand, business, or competitors. The last thing you want is having some stranger host a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything—a traditional reddit Q&A session) on behalf of your company, and only finding out after it happened.

social media monitoring tool - Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

Key features include:

  • Set keywords and phrases you’d like to monitor on Reddit
  • Select to limit keyword searches to posts or comments
  • Share reddit posts easily across your Hootsuite social networks
  • Quick access to the posts to respond and engage
  • View analytics reports on keyword occurrences over time
  • Monitor unlimited keywords across reddit

2) Vidpiq for Instagram

With 53% of Internet users using Instagram (with the majority age group being 18-29), wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re monitoring what people are posting on Instagram? Especially if the demographic of your audience falls in that age range. With the Vidpiq for Instagram app you can monitor posts on Instagram by location, hashtag, or username. The app within Hootsuite allows you to monitor and engage with users that are posting in your area, or an area you choose to follow. For example, you can use this tool for events to see what is being posted and to engage via comments to all those who attended your event.

social media monitoring tool - Vidpiq for Instagram

Key features:

  • View pictures being posted to Instagram by location
  • Monitor posts on Instagram by location, hashtag or username
  • Engage with users by posting comments
  • Share your Instagram photos with your social networks
  • View your photos and a feed of photos for the users you follow, popular photos and your ‘likes’, all in your dashboard
  • View and post comments and ‘likes’
  • View user information; number of photos, plus follower and following count

3) Reputology

Online reputation management is extremely important and surprisingly easy. It’s crucial to your brand to manage your reputation offline and online. With the Reputology app, you can monitor and check all the major review sites so that you can engage with reviewers and resolve any issues in a timely media monitoring tool - Reputology

Key features:

  • Track your reviews on all the major review sites
  • Monitor multiple storefronts all from one place
  • Easily identify recurring customer issues
  • Follow up on how your reviews are being responded to
  • Share positive reviews on the major social media sites

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