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3 Tactics to Initiate a Conversation on Social Media

Posted by admin on 1/22/14 1:53 AM
Topics: social media, Marketing to Students

The following excerpt is from the article 6 Tactics to Initiate a Conversation on Social Media and was written by Matthew Peneycad and published on Peneycan shares several strategies for sparking social engagement and we've taken each a step further by including ways your store can take action. Take a look at the top three and then read his full article for more ideas:

  • Leave a comment

As a business or brand, there is no reason why you can’t get involved in relevant social media communities outside of your own. Try to figure out where else your audience is spending time on the social web and get involved in those communities by leaving valuable comments and contributions.

College Stores Could: Keep an eye on campus organization's Facebook pages and comment on their events or efforts. It's an easy way to show that you're interested in supporting the campus community, rather than just earning sales.

  • Answer a question

The openness of platforms, such as Twitter, enables you to conduct searches based on keywords, hashtags, geography, and more. Spend some time helping people by answering their questions that are relevant to your business or category.

College Stores Could: Search hashtags that relate to your school and see what your students are talking about. You could find that students are interested in a certain topic, or respond to a student who's having a bad day with a cheerful message. Listening goes a long way in showing you're a socially-savvy and student-supportive store.

  • Pose a question

I know this is pretty 101, but make it easy for people to comment on your content by posing questions that require varying levels of thoughtfulness. This will not only encourage trepidatious commenters to socially engage with your content, but will also give more thoughtful and dedicated comments something to sink their teeth into.

College Stores Could: Check out our free Marketing Plans. Several offer questions and even images that will spark social engagement such as Geek Week and 90's Night.

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