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3 Ways to Create a Better Shopping Experience with Data

Posted by admin on 3/27/14 11:00 PM
Topics: MBS Systems, eCommerce, business intelligence

Casey Barto, public relations at Knotice, and published on Social Media Today, brings up important ways you can collect, leverage and use your data to offer the best shopping experience in her article 3 Ways to Create a Better Shopping Experience with Data. See how the MBS System can help you achieve each of her suggestions.

1. Know your customer

Regardless of how your customer comes to you (i.e. mobile device, iPad, visiting a retail location, etc.) they have information to give you. If they are buying a pair of jeans in your store they are giving you their preferences, such as color, style, waist/length size, texture, amount they have spent, brand affinity and if they responded to a promotion. Without a way to capture this information and quickly append the data to their profile, you may be losing valuable information that you could use to better know them.

How can MBS Systems help?

Customer Master Integration allows you to quickly identify important information about your customer at the time of transaction by simply swiping their ID! With this feature, you can confirm that they are eligible for rental, verify their email address for the purpose of emailing a receipt, or even determine their loyalty level, all in a matter of seconds! This advanced functionality ultimately allows you to automatically apply targeted promotions to specific Customer Types such as discounting merchandise for faculty members or providing extra savings for certain loyalty levels.

2. Monitor Behavior

Observe closely how your customers are interacting with your brand. When do they open your emails? What links/images do they click on? Do they redeem your coupon codes only near the holidays or do they respond better to free shipping advertisements? Do they prefer to shop in-store or online? By learning the moves your customers are prone to make, you can create extremely personalized messaging tailored not only to their needs, but their behavior which you can connect back to their profile.

How can MBS Systems help?

Our robust email marketing module makes it easy to send your customers targeted emails and analyze their responses with statistics such as open and click through rates.

3. Reward them for Loyalty

Show your customers that you care based on their shopping behavior. Although the relationship you have may only be virtual, show them you appreciate them by creating a loyalty program flexible enough to accommodate what interests them most. In my experience, I find the best loyalty programs are simple, upfront, consistent and relevant. When I go to Starbucks, for example, I know that I get one free drink after twelve paid drinks. Furthermore, this offers a unique identifier to know your consumer regardless of their channel preferences.

How can MBS Systems help?

With the MBS Systems Loyalty Program, customers purchasing at your Point of Service registers and through inSite, as well as book buyback customers, are awarded points redeemable for valuable merchandise. You choose the items you want to offer as rewards, and you set the point-value for each via a Loyalty Rewards Catalog that resides on your website. There’s no easier or better way to show your customers that you appreciate them while also giving them even more reasons to keep coming back.

— Casey Barto, Knotice
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