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4 Ways To Encourage Your Customers To Instagram Their Experience

Posted by admin on 1/15/14 10:00 PM
Topics: social media, instagram, contests

The following article was written by Stephanie Frasco and originally published on Check out her other posts for more great social media insight!

Social media is the new word-of-mouth marketing. People share experience with their friends, fans, and followers all day long. And many times those friends, family, and fans will follow their lead. Instagram has brought about a new type of Influencer, the photo sharing Influencer. And through their shares, they are influencing the decisions of their friends.

As a business you have to learn how to tap into that and encourage that behavior. After all, people are already sharing their experiences, good and bad online. Instagram, because of the visual nature, is very powerful.

Here's how to make your local business more Instagram-able:

1. Decor

If you want people to take pictures of your local business, you need to look good. People would much rather take a picture of something pretty than something ugly. The decor is the first step. Think about creating an Instagram-able area in your store. This could be a corner that people can try on your goods and snap away. It could be something thought provoking or intriguing. The bottom line is that it has to have appeal. By changing the way your business looks, you have better odds of getting snapped.

2. Encourage Users To Snap Away
People need a little encouragement. Think about hanging signs encouraging Instagram usage. I know it sounds simple, but it works. When someone is asked to do something, you have a better chance of them doing it. No one reads minds. Ask and you shall receive.

3. Discounts
Take a tip from the world's first Instagram Hotel, who offers excitement for the Instagram crowd. They even give away free nights if you have a certain amount of followers. You could give discounts for people who say they have come to you through Instagram, or even make a scavenger hunt out of your place and give discounts to certain items if they share on Instagram. You can make a contest out of it and ask people to share a wish-list using a specific hashtag; in return you might grant that wish for them.

4. Connect With Local Influencers
Instagram's new direct messaging feature allows you to connect with Influencers in a way that has never been seen before on the platform. Here's another article on how to achieve a little Influencer love through Instagram.

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