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4 Ways You May Be Losing Customers

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/5/16 7:30 AM
Topics: customer service

With all of the competition your store faces, the determining factor that will make customers shop at your store or choose to go elsewhere (other than convenience) is the service you provide. To attract shoppers and turn them into loyal customers, your customer service needs to be personal, the services and merchandise you offer need to be on-point with current trends and your marketing should be appropriate to your store.

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4 ways you may be losing customers

What many businesses fail to realize is that the way their business operates, interacts and reacts leaves a larger impression with consumers than they know.

Impersonal Responses to Inquiries

Using generic, pre-fabricated responses to inquiries and complaints turns customers off. Companies must treat every situation individually and should address each inquiry as a unique one. Allow your customer service representatives to create custom responses following company set guidelines to improve the customer experience.

Inability to Evolve with Trends

Trends exist in every niche. For a company to be successful, it has to be able to adapt to trends and create a way to appeal to its customer base in an appropriate way. Displaying how products can be used in alternative ways, to remain in with trends shows that a company can evolve.

Poor Approach to Marketing

Marketing is a major lifeline for any company. You have to market to the right demographic groups in the right ways to leave a positive impression with customers. Boring, outdated or tacky attempts at marketing turn society off--leaving your company with lost revenues and lost customers.

Poor Customer Service

Customer service is a major artery for a business. If this major artery is severed, it is difficult to bring that customer back. It is also likely that the lost customer will bleed out into society with negative commentary. Negative commentary can bruise your business' reputation fast as poor commentary is shared on social media, spoken in a local area, or written directly to a company. — AJ Agrawal via Inc.
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