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5 Tips to Boost Sales with Store Signage

Posted by Kate Seat on 5/8/14 11:00 PM
Topics: college store customer service, college retail, merchandising, window displays

You’ve given a lot of thought to how merchandise is displayed in your store, but it’s important to give your signs just as much attention. The customer’s first interaction with you happens before they even set foot in your store! It’s important to make that first impression as favorable as possible by keeping your signage up to date and well-maintained.

The following excerpt is from an article by Rieva Lesonsky for Small Business Trends. Read the tips we’ve highlighted below, and then check out the full article.

After a long, dreary winter, are you hoping to re-energize your store’s sales this spring? If so, try these tactics for using signage to attract customers into your store and get them to spend, spend, spend.

Clean It Up

Is your store’s main outdoor signage fresh, up-to-date and clean?

If your sign lights up, check to see that it’s working properly. Nothing turns potential customers off like a burned-out sign. It sends a signal that the owners simply don’t care.

Draw Them In

If your retail store relies on foot traffic, try putting sandwich signs or chalkboard signs on the sidewalk or outside the door to highlight special events, sales and seasonal products.

Work Your Windows

You don’t have to be the Manhattan Macy’s location to wow customers with your store windows. Change them frequently with new displays to highlight seasonal merchandise or sales.

Direct Traffic

Once you’ve enticed customers inside your store, use signage to direct their shopping patterns.

Identify aisles or displays with signage on shelves, hanging from the ceiling or even decals on the floors that direct them to “New Products,” “Gift Ideas,” “On Sale,” or “Clearance.” Try luring them through the whole store by putting sale items in the back so they have to walk past tempting displays of full-price merchandise to get to the deals.

Use Images

Don’t limit your signage to words. Just as in social media, images get attention in-store, too.

Adding posters with eye-catching images and photos is a fun and affordable way to change up your in-store displays.


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