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7 Simple Changes That Could Rock Your Store

Posted by Kate Seat on 12/11/15 1:00 AM
Topics: retail management, student employees

In order to make an impact on the daily operations of your store, you have to go big, right? Nope! Even making some small tweaks can yield serious results, and one of the best areas to concentrate on is how your team functions. We've selected a few simple tips to make the process as easy as possible for the following excerpt, but be sure to also read the original post from Small Biz Trends as well).

Set and Review Goals Daily or Weekly

Without goals, it’s all too easy to drift along and never change anything. Establish a few goals for your personal productivity, and then establish a few goals for your departments and managers. Start with simple goals. Your personal productivity goal could be “Get to work by 7:30 am each day.” Or a goal for a department might be: “Cut one day out of the shipping cycle.” To stay on track, review goals regularly — at least weekly.

Establish Teams to Solve Problems

As the owner/manager of the business, you don’t have to do everything. In fact, you can’t do everything. Get in the habit of establishing teams to come up with ideas. Make continuous improvement everyone’s job.

Find Fun Solutions

Encourage team members to get in the habit of finding fun solutions. Fun solutions get employees and teams engaged — that’s the real power of fun.

Reassure People It’s About Fixing the Process, Not Fixing Them

When you bring up change, some employees will have fear — fear that their jobs may go away. Or they fear that process improvement is really a ploy to identify poor-performing employees.

Process improvement can actually help employees perform better and feel good about their jobs. Emphasize that it’s about fixing the process — and that by doing so you are respecting them as employees and helping them.

Celebrate the Wins

Celebrate “wins.” It’s so motivating when people see that the things they do make all the difference.

Publicly congratulate someone for accomplishing a new milestone. Throw a party when a major efficiency breakthrough happens. Put up a whiteboard to show progress toward goals. Or follow a time honored technique, and get a large glass jar and place a marble in it each time something good happens. Before you know it, the jar will fill up and become a visual reminder of your team’s accomplishments.

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