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7 Ways to Bring Students to Your Store This Summer

Posted by admin on 7/21/13 11:00 PM
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Offer Specialized Services:

Students who stick around campus during the summer are more likely to suffer from boredom than they do during the semester when their friends are around. Give them something fun to do in your store. For instance, Iowa State University Book Store hosts Pinterest projects where students and community members alike can create a designated craft. Check out the details for inspiration.

Let Them Reverse the Seasons:

Kutztown University Student Bookstore gave students a taste of summer during the winter semester with their Frozen Beach Bash. But, your store could just as easily reverse the concept by hosting a Christmas in July party or some other take on a wintery event.

Send Students on a Scavenger Hunt:

Since things tend to slow down around campus during the summer, it’s a great time to expand your reach beyond the walls of your store. Ask students to explore campus and find an object you’ve hidden in a secret location for a chance to win a prize, like University Store did.

You can also get the incoming class excited about their new home with a mobile scavenger hunt during orientation. See how the Duck Store accomplished that idea here. Want to make it super simple? Follow our Marketing Plan designed to introduce the incoming class to campus and your store.

Or, make the search social by posting a picture of an object hidden on campus and ask your fans to identify the location, like Weber State University Bookstore.

Host a Move-In Event:

Moving to a college campus is an experience that will not soon be forgotten, especially by family members taking their student away to school for the first time. Help make this transitional time less stressful by offering resources and assistance to freshmen and their families. It’s easy to show the incoming class that you’re involved in their success! Just follow our Marketing Plan.

Provide a Taste of Home:

Many students are away from their families - and pets - while at school, which can easily cause homesickness. By partnering with a local club, The Skidmore Shop combats this by bringing nearly 20 Newfoundland dogs into the store on various occasions throughout the semester. Summer is a great time for your store to do the same; consider partnering with a local animal shelter to bring some furry friends to campus.

Appeal to Their Interests:

The latest craze in pop culture seems to be the supernatural; science fiction and fantasy have intertwined and quickly become a mainstream genre. With an array of popular television shows, movies and even video games all featuring frightful creatures and superhuman heroes, this trend is well-known to students and a great way to bring some humor to your store! Connect with your customers on a lighthearted level by hosting a Geek Week, dedicated to those who love the abnormal. We have ideas on how you can offer a Trivia Night, a Costume Contest, Zombie Walk, Movie Marathon and more! Take a look.

Make Your Store Mobile:

Sometimes a change in scenery can shed a whole new light on your merchandise – literally. Set up a table outside where students can browse as they walk by. See how this approach worked for Washington and Lee University Store’s buyback here.

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