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UC-Davis Stores Team Up with an Unlikely Ally

Posted by admin on 10/9/13 11:00 PM
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The staff members at UC Davis Stores are launching a huge initiative this week, according to director Jason Lorgan. That should come as no surprise to those who know the staff well; they have a reputation for being innovative and are always up for trying something new. The other party involved, however, might leave you a little shocked. That's because it's Amazon.

The store recently announced that they're teaming up with the Internet giant to allow students to access the same prices and products they usually buy from the site; however a portion of that profit will be returned to the university.

By visiting, or using their Amazon Student account, students will be able to ensure that part of their purchase goes back to their school. Proceeds generated by the UC Davis Stores-Amazon initiative will support textbook scholarship programs for UC Davis students in 2014, in addition to funding other student programs and services.

“This initiative will likely make lots of people in our industry rather uncomfortable, but our campus is very excited about its potential,” Lorgan explained. “When our campus was the first University store to offer price comparison, most people thought we were off our rockers. Three and a half years later, hundreds of stores have done the same. I expect we will face similar skepticism, but this arrangement will hopefully have positive results for us.”

“We expect it will generate very significant revenue for us and do not believe it will harm our in-store sales,” he added. “Time will tell.”

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