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83% of Retailers Ignore Customer Comments on Social Media — Here's Why You Shouldn't

Posted by Dean Asher on 12/9/15 10:00 PM
Topics: social media, college store customer service

Sprout Social has found an interesting trend among retailers with social media presence: a huge majority of retailers are failing to respond to their customers over social media. This could mean missed sales for you and your store. RetailDive offers insight; be sure to read their full article.

83% of Retailers Ignore Customer Comments on Social Media — Here's Why You Shouldn't

Some 83% of retailers routinely ignore customer questions submitted via social channels, while the rest make people wait an average of 12 hours to get a response. The expectation of 42% of customers? A response in 60 minutes or less.

Retailers’ choice of network may also be faulty. Likely aware that it lends itself to one-to-one communication, retailers have ramped up use of Twitter 144% in the last six months, according to Sprout Social, while Facebook actually now handles 7% more service requests. And even though most customers get ignored, they are sending 32% more social media messages to brands in all industries than they did a year ago.

Promotional messages are seven times as likely to spur action when brands have built prior interaction with the customer, according to a separate survey from Rosetta Consulting, so brands should be more aware of where their customers “live” in the social media and respond to them quickly.

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