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A Video is Worth a Million Words

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/15/14 11:00 PM
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On the “a picture is worth a thousand words” scale, where does video rank? Well, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, just one minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words. (Learn more about how powerful video can be for marketing in this post from Video Brewery.)

What are some of the ways you can use video as a college store? Let’s count ‘em:

1. Product Promotion: Did you just get in a shipment of something really great? You could put it out on the sales floor and wait to see if people notice it. But why not make it a sure thing and put a quick video showcasing your cool new whatever on Facebook? Break up your fans’ boring news feeds with some entertainment and they’ll thank you for it. Make it entertaining enough and they’ll even help you promote it by sharing it on their own pages.

The T.I.S. College Bookstores at Bloomington and Champaign often liven things up with videos—taking a page from their (Face)book is a great way to get started.


From the Bloomington location: Anyone need a new hat?


And in Champaign, starting off the week with some Illini smiles

2. Sharing Information: Is there something afoot at your store? Let your customers know what’s happening in a memorable way. Like product promotion, using pictures and video to emphasize a new location, ongoing or proposed renovation or even something like store hours or policy changes can help get the message across.


Wingate University Bookstore
The Wingate University Bookstore is moving and they’ve kept their Facebook fans up to date with pictures of the progress on the new space, and even a speedy video tour of the old location.

3.Promoting Services: Are your customers aware of all that you have to offer? Do you have special promotions like gift-wrapping stations during the holidays or makeovers (if you have a makeup section or counter)? Does your store have techs nearby to work on computers or other electronics?


CSULB Bookstore beachtech To The Rescue!
The CSULB Bookstore highlighted beachtech, their upstairs computer department in this fun video (which also features some great teal nail polish)

4.Special Events: From sidewalk sales to book signings, a short video can either add hype to the event before it happens, or share a peek into what happened after the fact. Movie nights, big games or flash sales could also be occasions that call for some documentation. Plus, if you document the event, you can use it for future promotions!


UC Davis Stores - How Do You Rec?
UC Davis Stores shared a short clip to help promote the “How Do U Rec” sessions during Summer Orientation


Watch the World Cup on campus!
. . . and offered comfortable seating during the World Cup:

Of course, these are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Let us know how you’ve incorporated video into your marketing strategy in the comments below!

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