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Boost Sales in Early 2015

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 12/4/14 10:00 PM
Topics: holidays, college retail, sales strategies

Holiday sales are just the beginning for college stores. You want your students to find great presents for family and friends before they leave for winter break, but you also want to keep them shopping well into the new year when they come back to campus! Here are a few tips to encourage post-holiday spending at your store, selected from a post by Rieva Lesonsky for Small Business Trends.

bagsSell gift cards

Gift cards were the number one most popular gift last year. So if your store sells them, you have built-in sales in January (and even later). Even if customers never redeem their cards, you’ve gotten paid for the face value. But if you can get them to come into your store in January, all the better, since they’ll usually spend more than the amount of the card.

Use loss leaders

January is the perfect time to get rid of slow-moving items that didn’t sell well. Discount them to rock-bottom prices to get people into your store. And then entice those customers with well-merchandised displays for full-priced items.

Try a fun promo

Consumers are likely to feel a letdown as they head back to work (or school) and open their credit card statements that reflect high balances from all of their recent spending.

Put them back in a good mood with fun contests, giveaways or challenges. Give away a free gift with purchases. Hold a drawing in the store for a prize such as a gift card or a desirable product. Or have customers bring in the biggest “white elephant” gift they got this year to receive a small gift card in exchange.

Look to the future

The new year is a time when people are ready for change. Try marketing that emphasizes how your business can help them usher in “the new.” Whether it’s by purchasing snazzy new workout wear to motivate a fitness regimen, overhauling the home entertainment center , or redecorating the living room/dorm for spring, there are plenty of ways to get customers energized about new projects — and into your store to get those projects going.

This month's marketing plan is all about change! Check out our ideas for motivating activities, a fun giveaway and a Pinterest board filled with inspiration to make this New Year the best one yet for your students!

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