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Buyback Vendor Recommendations: Virtual Prize Wheels

Posted by admin on 3/11/13 11:00 PM
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As your partner, our goal is to help your store succeed and a big part of that success depends on effectively advertising your store. Although our MBS Promo Guide offers extensive options, we understand that you may want to expand your marketing efforts even further. To help you think of new and creative ways to promote your biggest events, we’ll feature vendor recommendations for additional marketing resources once a week throughout the month of March. Take a look!

Forty-Niner Shops offered their Virtual Prize Wheel during buyback.

Vendor Name: Mystic Net Marketing

Product: Virtual Prize Wheels for odds & inventory controlled interactive games

Uses: Prize wheels are a great way to drive traffic to your store and offer incentives during key seasons such as buyback and rush. Plus, you can integrate them into other year-round marketing initiatives to keep the fun going!

Benefits: Virtual Prize Wheels can run in a variety of ways including on a retailer’s website, e-commerce site, point of purchase counter or through a designated kiosk. Because the software requires students email addresses in order to play, your store gains a valuable tool in collecting information for future marketing campaigns Plus, you maintain total control by loading in your choice of prizes and quantities to brand the experience for your students. The logistics are also quite easy; when a student wins, they are notified on the screen, triggering a receipt to print with the name of their designated prize. They then bring the ticket to the register where they can redeem their prize. Watch a demo of the product here.

Pricing: Prices vary depending on which implementation method your store chooses, however, most solutions cost around $530 and require 2-3 days for setup.

What Other Stores Are Saying: "We've used the Spinning Prize wheel from Mystic Net for over 3 years now. We've found it to be our MOST effective tool to engage students to take part in our Buyback and other store promotions. Very quickly we learned that giving away less expensive giveaways was much more enticing when it was a digital entry vs. something very expensive such as a laptop using paper forms. It's also given us the opportunity to collect email address and continue the line of communication with those customers. Student's love the Spin-To-Win and are willing to wait in line to play it where they wouldn't fill out a paper form in the past."

–Brian Fetterman, book division manager at the Forty-Niner Shops

How to Get Started: Interested in offering a Virtual Prize Wheel? Contact David Harkins by email or by phone at 1-877-530-4499 for more information.

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