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Catching a Good One

Posted by Rob Heller on 8/24/17 5:30 AM
Topics: buyback, student savings, Rush

Summertime!  A time to gather up the belongings and head to the lake.  I had a pile of things to take with us:  Ski vests, tubing floats, some paddle and there was a cooler — of course there had to be a cooler.  What’s a trip to the lake without a cooler?  Will, our six-year-old, came out to toss his red plastic Lightening McQueen fishing pole beside the collection.

Catching a Good One“Hey, dear,” I hollered to my wife packing the family SUV.  “Is Will going fishing?”

He confidently answered that question himself.  “Daddy, I want to catch a good one!”

I had to laugh, even as Alice responded.  “Yeah, he can bring it.  We’ve been talking about going fishing together.”

Alice can cast across the cove if she wants to: me not so much.  I’m more likely to knock myself in the back, or hook my foot when the line falls short.  I hoped Will took after her.

It didn’t take long for us to scatter.  We found our favorite activities.  For me it was kayak time. I wished Will good luck as he sat on the dock and Alice taught him to cast. 

“I hope I catch a good one,” I overheard him telling her.

As a parent, I hoped he would catch something.  You want that excitement to be rewarded.  You wish it could be more than a hope or belief it may happen.  Sometimes, you wish more things in life could be guaranteed.

Will helped Alice pull up a large catfish she’d hooked.  He wondered when he would get a bite, too.  After lunch, she left his pole, fully armed with a hook and bait, secured to a dock cleat next to hers.  After only a few minutes, his popped in the air and spun sideways. He had a bite! 

The brim splashed the surface as Will reeled in the spinner.  To his eye, he had a good one.

It was no longer about hope or believing something might happen; it was actually happening, right there on the end of his Lightening McQueen fishing pole.

MBS offers a program for stores that reminds me of my experience with Will. It allows a buyback price to be locked in today for the selling period at the end of the semester.  We simply call it “Guaranteed Buyback.”  If your store is looking for a creative way to promote buyback during the rush selling period, Guaranteed Buyback may be for you.

Your MBS rep can help create a message for students so they understand a book can be sold at the end of the term for a “guaranteed” amount of money.  This educational piece can increase both beginning term sales and end-of-semester sellback as students better understand the true cost and value of the book.

For students, it’s no longer a hope the buyback price offered will be significant — the value becomes guaranteed.  It will happen.  Sometimes you have to bait the hook correctly to get a bite.  It’s true with students and it’s true to catch catfish and brim. 

“Guaranteed,” that’s a strong message right there.

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