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Catching a Good One

Posted by Rob Heller on 8/24/17 5:30 AM
Topics: buyback, student savings, Rush

Summertime!  A time to gather up the belongings and head to the lake.  I had a pile of things to take with us:  Ski vests, tubing floats, some paddle and there was a cooler — of course there had to be a cooler.  What’s a trip to the lake without a cooler?  Will, our six-year-old, came out to toss his red plastic Lightening McQueen fishing pole beside the collection.

Catching a Good One“Hey, dear,” I hollered to my wife packing the family SUV.  “Is Will going fishing?”

He confidently answered that question himself.  “Daddy, I want to catch a good one!”

I had to laugh, even as Alice responded.  “Yeah, he can bring it.  We’ve been talking about going fishing together.”

Alice can cast across the cove if she wants to: me not so much.  I’m more likely to knock myself in the back, or hook my foot when the line falls short.  I hoped Will took after her.

It didn’t take long for us to scatter.  We found our favorite activities.  For me it was kayak time. I wished Will good luck as he sat on the dock and Alice taught him to cast. 

“I hope I catch a good one,” I overheard him telling her.

As a parent, I hoped he would catch something.  You want that excitement to be rewarded.  You wish it could be more than a hope or belief it may happen.  Sometimes, you wish more things in life could be guaranteed.

Will helped Alice pull up a large catfish she’d hooked.  He wondered when he would get a bite, too.  After lunch, she left his pole, fully armed with a hook and bait, secured to a dock cleat next to hers.  After only a few minutes, his popped in the air and spun sideways. He had a bite! 

The brim splashed the surface as Will reeled in the spinner.  To his eye, he had a good one.

It was no longer about hope or believing something might happen; it was actually happening, right there on the end of his Lightening McQueen fishing pole.

MBS offers a program for stores that reminds me of my experience with Will. It allows a buyback price to be locked in today for the selling period at the end of the semester.  We simply call it “Guaranteed Buyback.”  If your store is looking for a creative way to promote buyback during the rush selling period, Guaranteed Buyback may be for you.

Your MBS rep can help create a message for students so they understand a book can be sold at the end of the term for a “guaranteed” amount of money.  This educational piece can increase both beginning term sales and end-of-semester sellback as students better understand the true cost and value of the book.

For students, it’s no longer a hope the buyback price offered will be significant — the value becomes guaranteed.  It will happen.  Sometimes you have to bait the hook correctly to get a bite.  It’s true with students and it’s true to catch catfish and brim. 

“Guaranteed,” that’s a strong message right there.

About Rob Heller

Rob Heller began work with MBS in the Wholesale Division in 2012, but his bookstore experiences stretch several decades. He began his career in the early 1990s with College Bookstores of America at their off-campus location serving Clemson University. Rob is also an accomplished sports broadcaster having announced nearly 2,500 games including the ACC and NCAA Tournaments. He has served as the home stadium announcer for Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, and several professional baseball and soccer teams. He and his wife currently reside in Elgin, South Carolina, (near Columbia) along with their three boys.

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