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Changes to Facebook's News Feed Lets Users Prioritize Who They Follow

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 7/14/15 11:00 PM
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Facebook has updated the features of their news feed once again, this time giving users the choice of which people or brands they want to see first when they log in to the site. In this article from Hubspot, they cover how these new features work and how you can implement them on your own Facebook page.

Be sure to spread the word about this new feature, and position yourselves as a crucial follow while you do it. Make it clear to your students that following you is for their benefit, as Facebook is going to be one of the very first places they can find news and information about the latest happenings at your store. And as always, you can find updates from Foreword Online and other goings-on at MBS by following our Facebook page, or have all of our stories delivered to your inbox once a week by subscribing to Foreword Online. We hope that you'll make us a priority follow as well!

1) Select which friends & pages you want to see first

Earlier this year, Facebook wrote that they'd received feedback from users who were concerned they were missing important updates from the friends they cared about most. As a result, they updated their algorithm so that updates from users' close friends appeared higher in the News Feed.

This update takes this a step further. Now, users can handpick which specific friends and Pages they want to see at the top of their News Feed.

How? Within News Feed Preferences, users can tap on a friend's profile picture to see their posts first. From there on out, the user will see any news stories that friend has shared since their last visit to Facebook right at the top of their News Feed. A star in the top right corner of their post will indicate why the post has been prioritized. Then, users can scroll down to see the rest of their News Feed normally.


Image Credit: Facebook

2) Select which friends and pages to follow or unfollow

This is an updated design of tools Facebook has launched previously. Now, users will be able to see a list of the top friends, Pages, and groups they've seen in their News Feeds over the past week. From there, they can select to follow or unfollow any specific friends, Pages, or groups if they want to stop seeing their updates in the News Feed. Users can also see whom they've unfollowed and choose to re-follow them any time they please.


Image Credit: Facebook

3) Discover new pages to follow

This update helps users find new Pages from businesses, publishers, and artists they might be interested, based on the types of Pages those users have Liked and interacted with in the past. This is an effort to help people connect with new businesses and read content from them they might be interested in.


Image Credit: Facebook

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