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Chico State Wildcat Store Reveals Secret Behind Social Media Growth

Posted by admin on 10/21/13 11:00 PM
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The Chico State Wildcat Store is currently in the process of revitalizing their social media platforms. The store has had a social presence throughout the past couple years on sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, but this Summer their marketing began to really expand and flourish. What's their secret? The Wildcat Store hired two new Marketing Assistants in June, Becca Pearl and Sierra Delorefice-Chicarino. Both students are passionate about social media and decided that it was time to create a new image and brand for the store.

The two began their new positions by examining the current number of followers on each platform; after some reflection, they then decided to drastically change the store's social media presence. They made it their goal to spend the summer and following semester creating more social awareness. The efforts paid off with singnificant increases in followers on all of their social sites. Pinterest saw the biggest growth, with an increase of 1820%

“We are happy with the drastic increase in followers we have seen due to our ability to connect with the large majority of CSUC students," Pearl said. "We are excited to see the improvement and growth continue in future months.”

The girls attribute their success to their strategy of increasing engagement and reach by interacting with students on a daily basis.

“It's important to stay in the forefront of student's minds. Regularly updating our social media pages keeps them informed and excited. Students are now engaging with the Wildcat Store more than ever before. After seeing the great success we have accomplished this summer, I am excited about future progress in the upcoming semesters," explained Delorefice-Chicarino.

The pair has taken it upon themselves to get followers more involved on multiple media platforms. One of the most successful strategies has been giveaways. After posting a product photo on both Facebook and Instagram, the store enters the first 200 people who “like” the photo into a drawing to win that item.

“After our first giveaway we really started to notice that all of our posts and photos got more likes and both our follower count and reach increased. It instantly created buzz and excitement for the Wildcat Store” said Pearl.

Another way they connect with students on campus is through crowdsourcing. For example, Pearl and Delorefice-Chicarino encouraged students to post photos of themselves wearing a clothing item from the store during their summer adventures. Along with the campaign, they created the hashtag #WildcatPride as an easy way to track entries. They say this approach created a strong connection between the store and the individuals who participated.

Incorporating social media into in-store events has also been beneficial. After an event, the girls post the photos online and then encourage students to tag and share them. This strategy has increased the amount of traffic to both the Wildcat Store and their respective social media platforms. They've also tried to capture customer interest by creating different fun ideas like “word of the day” on Facebook.

“We want our customers to be excited about checking our pages and we want to engage them with several types of messages,” said store director Rob Meyers.

The platform that underwent the most change was Pinterest. They girls decided to incorporate the popularity of the site into shoppers' in-store experience. As a result, they created signs to advertise the “Top Pinned Items” on Pinterest and soon after the “Top Liked Items on Instagram."

Rob Meyers went on to say, “I can’t say enough about Becca and Sierra. The success that has occurred in the short period of time has been overwhelmingly positive. They are excited about the progress that has occurred throughout 2013 and are really excited about future events and how innovative they can get. I think it’s really important to have students at the core of your social media marketing. They know how their peers like to communicate and where they like to communicate. It’s hard to put a figure on social media and the impact on your bottom line, but I know we are a part of the student’s lives and that’s a good thing."

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