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Dealing with Disgruntled Customers

Posted by admin on 4/3/13 11:00 PM
Topics: college store customer service, customer loyalty
How do you deal with a customer who has had a less than satisfactory experience at your store? The short answer is that every situation is different, but there are some guiding rules you can use to govern every situation.
Take a look at a few suggestion in the following excerpt from the article, This is the most popular customer service question ever, written by Micah Solomon, and published on Then, view the full article for even more suggestions!
  • Most customers understand that things can and will go wrong. What they don’t understand, accept, or find interesting are excuses. For example, they don’t care about your org chart: Your mentioning that a problem originated in a different department is of no interest to them.
  • Don’t panic. With most customers and in most situations, customers’ sense of trust and camaraderie increases after a problem is successfully resolved, compared to if you had never had the problem in the first place. This makes sense, since you now have a shared experience: You have solved something by working closely together.
  • Avoid assuming you know what solution a customer wants or ‘‘should’’ want. Ask. And if a customer makes a request that sounds extreme or absurd, don’t rush to dismiss it. Even if it seems on its face impossible, there may be a creative way to make the requested solution, or something a lot like it, happen.
  • Don’t imagine you’re doing something special for a customer by making things how they should have been in the first place. Time cannot be given back—it’s gone. So re-creating how things should have been is just a first step. You need to then give the customer something extra. If you aren’t sure which ‘‘extra’’ to offer a particular customer, just make it clear you want to offer something. If the customer doesn’t like red lollipops or doesn’t eat sugar, she’ll let you know. Then you can decide together on a different treat.

Although dealing with unhappy customers can be difficult, it can result in a positive experience for your store and the shopper. Does your store use any additional strategies? Share them with others in the comments section!

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