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Event Planning Checklist [Download]

Posted by Kate Seat on 1/18/16 1:00 AM
Topics: retail management, bookstore events

Back-to-school rush. Buyback. Big games. From regularly recurring events to special promotions, there are many occasions that could result in ample foot traffic for your store. Is your staff prepared to handle the crowds?

Event Planning Checklist

Plan Smarter, Not Harder.

Be prepared for your next big promotion.

When judging the success of an event, it's likely that you'll look at two main factors that are inextricably linked: sales and turnout. And getting great results in these areas requires some considerable planning beforehand — and that means time spent off the sales floor and away from your customers.

What's the solution? Plan your next event more efficiently with this free checklist!

Download the checklist!

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