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Draw Crowds To Your Store This Holiday Season

Posted by admin on 10/13/13 11:00 PM
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Retailers are hauling out the holly early this year in hopes of ringing up more holiday sales. But the sales climate isn't looking particularly jolly right now. That doesn't have to be the case on your campus, however. Take a look at how other college stores have incorporated the most wonderful time of the year into their marketing efforts in the past. Then, think of ways to incorporate these ideas at your store, so you can unwrap more revenue this holiday season!

Host Events

MBS Rep Eric Browning got in on the holiday fun at The Skidmore Shop last year.

Last year, Del Val College Bookstore took advantage of the "Black Friday" mentality with a unique after-hours event. They offered exclusive sales on their merchandise at a time that’s atypical to the store, but prime-time in the world of students – midnight! The sale quickly became one of the most anticipated events on campus, and it could offer the same benefits to your store. All you have to do is add a holiday spin!

The Skidmore Shop also captured students’ attention during the month of December with a holiday-themed buyback event that included reindeer, a photo booth, a fashion show and more! Their combination of activities drew a crowd to the store, boosted sales and gained them some serious PR. Check it out!

Connect with New Audiences

The College Store at Hobart and William Smith Colleges decided to reach beyond the campus population by advertising to alumni, parents and other non-student demographics during the holiday season. Read up on how they doubled their inSite sales for the month of December with an e-catalog.

Take Advantage of Unique Dates

Last year it was 12-12-12; this year, why not host an event for 11-12-13? Five college stores previously shared their unique ideas, and you can easily repurpose them to fit this year's once-in-a-century date. Check it out!

Get Social

Beginning on Black Friday, consumers are in a frenzy to get the best deals and, although big box retailers often gain the majority of that business, Tiger Bookstore generated traffic of its own during this busiest shopping weekend of the year. Learn about the social strategy they implemented to grab their customers' attention.


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