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Easy Ways to Humanize Your Social Media Updates

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/26/16 7:00 AM
Topics: social media, customer service

Your store's social media accounts are the public face of your business. In fact, it's likely that many of your customers' first impressions will be based on what you post online. Matt Secrist shares some tips for making sure that your company comes across as likeable — and human! — in this excerpt from a Social Media Examiner post.

Personalized Social Media

#1: Use a Personable Voice

Corporate-speak and lifeless posts can make a company come across as boring and unfeeling. Thankfully, what’s acceptable for a business voice has changed a lot over the years. While old rules forbid contractions, first person, and slang, the new tone of business language is very different.

Now you have the freedom to talk in a much more personal and friendly voice. Try creating posts and tweets that speak to your audience in a conversational voice. You’ll likely find it’s easier for people to converse with you.

Try This in Your Business

Talk like a real person and don’t shy away from humor, emojis, and a little informality when it comes to punctuation and grammar.

Try tagging along on special days and trending hashtags.

As long as you have clear standards for what’s appropriate to post on social media, you shouldn’t have any problem using a conversational tone, and your audience will appreciate the personal touch.

#2: Stop the Me, Me, Me Posts

When friends or relatives post something monumental on social media (a finished art project, a life event, a huge accomplishment), what do you do? Chances are you share it and take the time to congratulate them and point out to others what a great job they did.

Brands that have mastered social media engagement know they can do that with their social media audience as well.

Whenever it’s appropriate, point out something that an audience member did particularly well. Highlight your followers’ pictures, posts, and other contributions to show them you care about the messages they put out. You’ll make them feel special and likely turn them into lasting brand advocates.

Try This in Your Business

To find content from your audience that’s worth sharing, regularly search social media platforms for mentions of your company, your social media handles, or any related hashtags you use.

It’s best to pick out posts that demonstrate your products or services in use.If you run a frozen food brand, for example, find pictures of your food in lifestyle settings to repost. If you manage social media for a clothing brand, find pictures of fashionistas wearing your clothes and share those. This is a fantastic way to advertise your brand through your audience.

While it may be tempting to ask readers to post pictures of your products or even to pay them, the best and most organic way to encourage user collaboration is to offer services, products, or content that make people want to share without being asked.

Make your social media account one that celebrates your fans, not just your own news and accomplishments.

Remember: Always give full credit to the original photographer, and make sure to follow any regulations that apply to your business or social media marketing.

— Matt Secrist, Social Media Examiner
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