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Easy Ways to Increase Engagement: #TBT

Posted by Kate Seat on 11/17/16 10:47 AM
Topics: social media

If you already follow our Facebook page, you may have noticed our posts on Thursdays have featured some of our favorite memories from the last several decades. Participating in #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) has been a lot of fun, but it's also served another important purpose: increasing our online interaction and engagement.

One of the easiest ways to harness the internet's fascination with nostalgia and get some mileage out your store's history is by sharing pictures, videos and GIFs on Thursdays. 

The basic "rules" for #ThrowbackThursday are as follows:

  1. Post or share on Thursday. 
  2. Include the hashtag #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday (or both)
  3. Think vintage. Make sure the image you choose is old enough to genuinely be a throwback. 
  4. Pick one (per week). Don't overload your followers' feeds with multiple posts — besides, with more than 50 opportunities to participate, you'll want to save some images for later.

Throwback Thursday MBS Textbook Exchange

Mix it up!

Don't limit yourself to just sharing pictures. With all of the free tools available for GIF creation and editing, there's no excuse not to explore what's out there. 



GIPHY is a great tool, especially when you're just getting started. You'll be able to create your own gifs, slideshows and edit images to be even more fabulous — here's what happens when you get carried away with all of the options available:


(Here's the original, for reference)


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