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Easy Ways to Market Your Store that Cost Little to Nothing

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/16/16 5:00 AM
Topics: retail technology, customer loyalty, Marketing to Students

Do you wish you had more of a marketing budget? Are you doing what you can to promote your store with social media and the occasional campus newspaper ad, but want to find ways to get the word out without breaking the bank or overburdening your staff? It's easier than you think.

This post from Retail Minded breaks down some common ways retailers nationwide have found to market their store that are both easy and cost-effective.

Easy Ways to Market Your Store that cost Little to Nothing


Your receipts don’t have to be run of the mill, especially if you’re sending them digitally through your POS software. Consider customizing your digital receipt to include your logo, your social media accounts, a place to add feedback, and a link to your e-commerce store. These additional touch points with customers may lead them to interact with your business even after they’ve left the store.

Loyalty programs

Rewards programs are an effective way to get more repeat customers — who tend to spend a lot more than first-timers. That’s why it’s a smart idea to add a loyalty program to your marketing arsenal, especially because it particularly resonates with millennials, a demographic with serious purchasing power. Rewarding loyal customers with percentages off or free shipping offers goes a long way.

Content marketing

Consistently publishing content — blog posts, videos, contests, reports, social media activity — helps to attract, retain, and engage customers. Not only is strategic content marketing great for branding and, ultimately, increasing sales, it can also help a ton to elevate your business in Google search results. And more eyeballs on your website is always a good thing.

Jennifer Polluck via Retail Minded
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