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Eau de College

Posted by admin on 6/23/13 11:00 PM
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Thanks to New York-based company Masik Collegiate Fragrances, Virginia Tech is getting a signature smell. As the only business of its kind, the company is dedicated to creating distinctive fine fragrances that reflect each school’s unique and distinguished character. Virginia Tech is just the latest in a line of colleges who have taken advantage of the new trend, however; the product is already available at 11 universities, including the University of North Carolina, Penn State University and the University of Alabama.

According to the company's website, it uses distinctive characteristics like "school colors, mascot spirit, traditions and history, landmarks and architectural style, campus trees and flowers, mission statements, college town character as well as themes in the alma mater and fight songs" to design each scent.

Penn State's women's perfume, for example, was inspired by "the iconic Blue and White, the Grace of Old Main and the Loyalty of the Nittany Lion." This translates into the female student body smelling of sparkling cassis, raspberry blossom and white patchouli. Staying true to the Orange and Blue, Auburn University for Women contains a mix of Watery Mandarin, Chilled Grapefruit, an Iced Mineral Water accord and Frosted Aloe creating a cool, crisp scent.

Masik’s hope is that these scents may evoke memories of days spent in college. For instance, smelling your school’s fragrance may bring back memories of cheering on your favorite team or perhaps walking through the quad in the fall. Masik believes they have found a new and unique way to link to such a special, unforgettable experience in one’s life.

It is still yet to be seen what the elixir for Virginia Tech will be, but two weeks ago, potential Hokie scents were set up in the Virginia Tech University Bookstore for students vote on. The winning scent will be released in August, just in time for students to snag the exclusive item before the fall semester. It will be sold at the Virginia Tech Bookstore and through the company's website.

“Well I think it’s a great idea,” David Wilson, the associate director at the VT Bookstore, told CBS Roanoke. ”Virginia Tech is a big brand. There’s lots of merchandise. This is something that up until now hasn’t been there.”

To learn more about Masik Collegiate Fragrances, and how your store can sell an exclusive perfume and cologne line, visit their website.

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