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Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Digital Course Materials

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 5/16/18 5:30 AM
Topics: digital content, OER, course materials, eLearning

Get a better understanding of digital content options and Open Educational Resources (OER) with two free email courses designed to be a quick, simple reference for all your digital course material needs. 

Get a better understanding of OER, eBooks, Courseware and more

Digital Course Materials 

The digital learning course provides the opportunity to learn more about eBooks and courseware platforms delivered through access codes. Discover more about what your options are, their differences and how they are used in the classroom.

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Find out how to start using OER quickly. The OER course offers clarity on what makes course materials truly open. Learn how the platform has grown in recent years as well as the advantages, disadvantages and challenges. 

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Once registered, your first course will be emailed to you the next business day. Designed to be informative and intuitive, each day’s communication is short and concise.

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