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Facebook Accounts That Will Make You Smarter

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 10/9/15 4:00 AM
Topics: social media, retail management, facebook

There are all kinds of different Facebook accounts out there. Some are fun, some are boring. Some are happy, some are sad. Et cetera, et cetera. Mixed into this diversity are some really smart accounts that are constantly posting things designed to help you learn something new. This is assuming there is room for your intelligence to improve, of course. Check out an excerpt from Hootsuite's list of the 16 smartest Facebook accounts below, or check out the entire list here.

3. Cool Dog Group

While this page may seem out of place, research from Hiroshima University found that students showed higher levels of concentration after viewing cute images of puppies and kittens. Performance scores increased by 44 percent (!) and subjects were able to complete the tasks at hand at a rate 12 percent faster than those who had not viewed the images. To take advantage of the power of cute on your brain, join Cool Dog Group. While a closed group, anyone who joins gets almost immediately approved, and it’s definitely worth it. The group’s description simply states “cool dog pics” and boy, does it deliver on that promise. Feel smarter already?

Facebook Cool Dog Group


NASA’s Facebook page aims to help people “explore our universe and discover our home planet.” Fans of the page are treated to stunning shots of space, fascinating video content, contests, along with news and information about space exploration and research.

5. News from Science

The Facebook page accompanying Science Magazine, News from Science will keep you up to date on breaking news from the science world. This includes content related to biology, genetics, medicine, evolution, animals, climate change, physics, the environment, astronomy, and policy.

6. Dave Ramsey

Part of improving overall intelligence includes having a grasp on financial and economic knowledge, and Dave Ramsey’s page provides help with this often complicated subject. Host of the wildly popular Dave Ramsey radio show and author of numerous New York Times best-selling books, Ramsey offers free resources and advice for those seeking financial freedom.

7. Stuff You Missed in History Class

The official Facebook page for the wildly informative How Stuff Works podcast of the same name, hosts Holly and Tracy dive into the depths of history and share their fascinating findings. The page provides highlights of the podcast, including photographs, story links, and recaps, which are great for if you don’t have the time or ability to listen to the podcast but are still looking to top off your history knowledge.

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