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Flagler Drives Social Traffic With Weekly Giveaways

Posted by Dean Asher on 5/4/15, 4:00 AM
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Flagler College Bookstore's first-ever Facebook giveaway. The event was later rebranded as "FlaglerFreeBeeFriday" and uses a bee as a mascot. Flagler College Bookstore's first-ever Facebook giveaway. The event was later rebranded as "FlaglerFreeBeeFriday" and uses a bee as a mascot.

You have to give a little to get a lot.

It's a sentiment Flagler College Bookstore takes to heart. To make sure the 3,000 students at the Florida liberal arts college are paying attention to what the store has to say, officials are making use of regular giveaways on their Facebook feed.

By giving away some merchandise through their Facebook page in a weekly Flagler FreeBee Friday giveaway, the store drives its social engagement through the roof.

Retail and Communications Manager Nichol Weisbecker said she got the idea for a weekly social giveaway from Auburn University Bookstore Director Catherine Lee, whose store features a similar giveaway.

For Nichol, the benefits are two-fold.

"It's been very successful for us," she said. "It really helps drive traffic to our Facebook page, so when we have something important to say about buyback or rush, we know they will see it. It also reinforces that we sell so much more than books!"

Staff members will select a piece of merchandise to highlight and feature it on their Facebook page with the hashtag #FlaglerFreeBeeFriday. If the store has any new items like mugs or shirts coming in, staff will usually select one of those as a means of promoting new merchandise.

Students can either like the page to enter the contest once, or do a different store-defined action — like share the page or write your favorite literary quote in the comments — to enter twice.

Engagement routinely pulls high numbers, and the store knows it can time important announcements like buyback information around that time on Friday: students have learned to pay attention to their wall for the chance to win.

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