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Four Keys to Better Branding in 2016

Posted by Dean Asher on 1/26/16 10:29 PM
Topics: Marketing to Students

 We've talked a lot about why branding is so important for retailers. We also realize it's not always easy to come up with an actionable branding strategy and stick with it throughout the year. Luckily, The Storefront Blog came up with easy steps that can both help you get started with a branding in the first place, and also improve on your current strategy and better market to your customers. We've included our favorites, but see the full list here.

Brand Building

1. Set branding standards

Creating a basic run sheet of your brand guidelines will help you not only stay cohesive, but direct your content marketing efforts as well. Here’s what you should include:

  • Font. Your headline font will probably be special, like your logo. Keep your copy font simple and legible.
  • Brand message and voice. Yes, those are two different things. Take some time to study up on copywriting to find your style and what you should be saying about your brand.
  • Imagery. The best tool for branding your images for social media fast and efficiently is VSCO. You can copy and paste the same edits onto each new photo you upload, streamlining your prep time and unifying your branded visuals.

2. Create a content calendar

Want to spend less time on Instagram and more time on sales? Plan all of your content for the month in a few hours, schedule it, and call it day. Decide on specific days to do special #hashtags, create graphic design templates for regularly posted content like motivational quotes, and evenly disperse the type of content you post to keep your audience engaged. This is also a great way to review the type of content you post on each individual social media platform (because your tone and mission should vary here). Here are a few social media scheduling apps we swear by:

3. Build your SEO

You have a website, but how is it working for you? A brand’s blog is usually the most underutilized tool at its disposal. But you know better. You know that your blog is the key to increasing your SEO and improving your chances of being found organically by your customers through online research. Take a day to brainstorm topics your target customers are interested in, write posts to publish a couple of times per week (naturally weaving your product into the copy, of course), and optimize the posts with high-quality keywords. Last but not least, share your blog posts on social media so that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

4. Talk to your email list

It is common practice to place an email subscriber pop-up on most ecommerce landing pages. What isn’t common is actually creating a strategy to regularly communicate with these informed customers. According to a research study by AIMA, 78% of millennials are more likely to purchase from brands that offer a loyalty or rewards program than those that do not. This makes email marketing one of the highest returns on investment in digital marketing today. Keeping your customers informed on the latest collections, exclusive discounts, and events cultivates a connected relationship that builds loyalty.

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