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Fun Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 3/10/15 4:07 AM
Topics: social media, holidays

Every store out there is going to be doing something for Valentine's Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving. Celebrating those holidays is social media 101, but just about every day of the year there's some obscure holiday that your store can take advantage of with creative promotions. So if you're looking to think outside the box with your next holiday, we are suggesting you start with any of the holidays listed in this article from Buffer. We've re-posted a portion of those festivities below, but be sure to read through the whole thing. You'll need to be quick though; Pi Day is right around the corner!

6 fun holidays to celebrate on social media

Pi Day

mathematical - holidays to celebrate on social media

Observed annually on March 14, this holiday is typically celebrated with delicious baked goods and math puns. Even if your brand isn’t in the pie business, it’s a good opportunity to engage with the most mathematically-minded of your followers by organizing a trivia contest or a giveaway.

This year serves a special treat for math enthusiasts, as the sequence 3/14/15, especially if celebrated exactly at 9:26:53, will perfectly follow the sequence of pi (π to the tenth decimal = 3.141592653). So if the sheer mathematical awesomeness is not enough of an inspiration for a social media campaign, at least you can schedule your Pi Day greetings to go out at exactly 9:26 AM.

Star Wars Day

star wars day - holidays to celebrate on social media

Of course, your holiday pop culture calendar wouldn’t be complete without the 4th of May, the unofficial but highly celebrated Star Wars Day. The date is a pun on a famous quote from the Star Wars movie franchise, “May the force be with you”—“May the fourth be with you.” But it’s not just the Star Wars fans that join in the jubilations…

As with the rest of the fun holidays to celebrate on social media, your brand doesn’t have to be in the entertainment industry to celebrate May the 4th with your social media followers. Major brands like Starbucks, Oreo and Crayola all offered their take on the memorable scenes from the cult films.


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