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Get Free Tips You Don't Know about Writing Email Subjects Before It's Too Late

Posted by Dean Asher on 5/27/15 11:00 PM
Topics: retail technology, Marketing to Students

We sing the praises of social media on Foreword Online, but it hasn't truly replaced the classics of marketing to students: email. Our email lists give us direct access to each student on campus to keep them informed of buyback dates, promotions and more, but those emails do us no good if they aren't getting opened. at Benchmark offers a blueprint to writing the type of email subjects that get clicks. Read the original post in its entirety.

Pique curiosity

Just like with social media posts, content that asks a question tends to have a higher click rate than just content that states a fact. Say, for example, that your email campaign is about the hottest trend of the summer season. Instead of just saying simply that in your subject line, “The hottest trend of the summer season,” try switching it out for “You’ll never guess what the hottest trend of the season is!”

Offer a quiz

People love quizzes. People love answering questions to things they probably already know the answer to. It’s called self-interest and it almost always gets clicked on. The word quiz in a title definitely piques curiosity, but a quiz also lends to your email marketing strategy. It gives you a concrete idea for at least one of your quarterly campaigns. Your quiz can be designed as a way to cultivate consensus among your audience, helping you find out what their leanings are, what they’re interested in, and what they want to see more of.


This one is all about making an offer. People love stuff. Whether is a free digital download, a mailer or a chance to get something bigger, offering people stuff is another way to appeal to their self-interest. Of course, you have to apply a little bit of wordsmithing when you craft your subject line. The word “free” in there somewhere usually does the trick. You also have to cater to the tone your audience prefers. Some might like enthusiasm in this type of subject line, whereas others might see it as spam. Here’s a good place to run an A/B test to see what type of subject lines your audience drifts toward.

Create scarcity

Scarcity makes people act. It also appeals to their curiosity, asking them what is it that I need to know, need to act on, or need to get in on. Here you can keep the subject line simple and stick to the urgency of limited time. You can use subject lines like “Time is Running Out” followed by some indication of what the content is about. You can also write “ACT NOW” followed by a similar brief description. For retail, phrases that indicate some sort of countdown always perform really well: “3 Hours Left for the Biggest Online Sale of the Season.”

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