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Give Your Customers More than They Expect

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/31/15 12:00 AM
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Leonard Kim shares an edifying customer service experience in the following excerpt, originally posted on


On July 24, Uber partnered up with Capital One and celebrated the relaunch of Uber ice cream by giving away free ice cream to all their combined customers. I'm a Capital One cardholder and I have Uber on my iPad, so I figured, hey why not.

When I put in my order with UberEATS, I got to see an ice cream cone come near me. That was cool, but that really wasn't what was exciting about the offer.

When they arrived, I had received not just one ice cream, which was all I really wanted, but three ice creams. One came from Three Twins Ice Cream, a sea salted caramel flavor. The other came from Sprinkles, an ice cream with red velvet cupcakes. The last was from Coolhaus, a gourmet ice cream bar.

So as a happy and excited consumer, what did I do?

1) I talked about it at work and shared them with my friends.

I love ice cream, but I had three pieces. I couldn’t eat them all myself. So what did I do? I told my friends at work about how I got so much ice cream from Uber and Capital One and I shared it with them. We all enjoyed the happiness of ice cream together.

2) I shared my happiness on social media.

On Facebook, I only have like 300 friends. I keep it very private. On Twitter though, I have well over 30,000 followers. I shared my happiness and tweeted out how appreciative I was of receiving free ice cream from both the brands. I also personally messaged a handful of my friends and told them about how amazing this experience was.

3) I was excited enough to write an article about it.

Companies do things because they want exposure. They want exposure because it leads to more clients. Companies usually try to get exposure by running ads or doing weird promotions. I usually don’t care when I see a promotion. Most of the times, other people don’t care either. But Uber and Capital One went above and beyond with their offering, so I got excited enough to spread how happy I am with both companies.

What did Uber do to ensure the success of their campaign?

  • They launched the campaign globally, in each market they operate in. This generated international exposure about both Uber and UberEATS.
  • They gave you more than the average person could consume, so you were more inclined to share.
  • They launched during business hours on a weekday, to increase the probabilities that you would be around others who may be unfamiliar with Uber.
  • They responded to social media posts and engaged with the end user. This showed that they appreciated each person who decided to share their joy.
By providing more than what's expected, you'll increase loyalty — and future sales for your store.Even a small treat goes a long way!
How do you show your customers that you value them?

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