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Great Social Media Collaboration Tools

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 6/2/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, retail technology

Sometimes it takes a group effort to get things done properly. This is certainly true for those of you doing social media management, especially if you have a large following that's eager to keep up with your store's promotions and events. In order to help you keep up with that responsibility, we've found this list of excellent social media collaboration tools and apps to help you out. Check out an excerpt from that list below, but be sure to read through the full list to see everything out there that can help you collaborate.

3. Point

Point screenshot (easy link sharing)

One of the coolest article sharing tools I’ve come across lately is Point, a chrome extension that lets you share stories with your team from any page you’re on.

With the extension installed, you can type the “@” key on any page you’re visiting, and this brings up a simple sharing box where you can add notes and send to different people on the team. Also, you can highlight parts of the article you share, and you can find all your history of shared links easily in the Point popover.

4. Pie

Pie screenshot

A clean and simple solution for communicating together on social media ideas is Pie, which helps with work chat and focuses on simplicity. You can get set up quickly by adding teammates from your email contacts, and you can share and store content ideas and tips in an easily searchable system.

5. Trello

Trello is a favorite remote work tool of the Buffer team. We use it for organizing blog post ideas, Buffer bugs, team task forces, projects, and so much more.

Another cool use case is as a social media content board.

David Hassell of 15Five shared how he and his team use Trello to work together on social media content.

We created a “Social Media Content” board on Trello and encouraged employees to drop in interesting files, images, memes, questions, and links. This allows our social media manager to pull from a rich, diverse repository of content.

social media repository

David’s team uses simple lists for content suggestions, posted content, and images.

You could also try out a board setup with suggested links, suggested topics, interesting strategies to try, posted content, and current strategies—or virtually any setup you can dream.

6. Messenger

Facebook Messenger's new web interface

Facebook Messenger, previously a feature within the Facebook social network, is now a standalone app and website. You can send messages to connections and groups on Facebook through a slick and simple interface.

We used Messenger as a Buffer team to communicate on our latest team retreat. Doing so as a group proved to be an extremely useful feature and smooth experience for us. Imagine doing the same for sharing cool links and ideas back and forth for your fellow social media sharers.

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