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Holiday Scavenger Hunt - Winner Announced!

Posted by admin on 12/19/13 10:00 PM
Topics: mbs direct, holidays

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Ashley Mabe from Mountain Empire Community College Bookstore! She's taking home an iPad Mini this holiday season! Thanks again to everyone who took the time to participate in our Scavenger Hunt; we hope you had fun and gained some great ideas along the way!

Here are the answers to each clue:

Clue 1: I’m hidden in a plan from a month that starts with D. Don’t rush to any conclusions, do some searching and you’ll see!

Answer: December 2012 Marketing Plan - Free Promotional Materials for Rush

Clue 2: You’ll find me in a story about a store’s unique event. It has to do with sun and fun; students thought it was time well spent.

Answer: Kutztown’s Frozen Beach Bash Gives Students a Sunny Perspective of the Store

Clue 3: Students like to shop around, sadly that is true. But, when you use materials from this plan they simply won’t want to. It has to do with money, shopping online, and books; find it and you’ll be so glad, so go on take a look!

Answer: July 2013 Marketing Plan - Free Price Comparison Promotional Materials

Clue 4: (Bonus on Facebook!) Everyone loves a little surprise, and this store must have know that, we surmise; they pushed the envelope with an awesome giveaway, find their article and get an extra entry today!

Answer: Wheaton College Bookstore Builds Loyalty with Surprise Gifts



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