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How Managing Your Brand In-store and Online Can Strengthen Sales for Both

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/19/16 5:00 AM
Topics: college store customer service, Marketing to Students

It can be easy to think of your brick-and-mortar store and your eCommerce platform as two separate entities. While they're obviously both part of your store and feature the same inventory, they exist in different spaces, have their own advantages and attract customers who shop in different ways. However, experts find that you can't truly achieve your true potential for success in your physical or web store without using one to properly leverage the other. According to Retail Customer Experience, the best way to do this is by making sure your brand personality is consistent across all channels.


This is a serious problem for the retail industry. While most retailers have websites where you can order apparel and other merchandise, most consumers still do their online shopping on Amazon and the like. From the perspective of the customer, the individual online stores feel like add-ons and offer less than the large online sites. (It's even easier to shop at Google.)

This is especially a problem because those same consumers who are buying online are not brand loyal. They are window shopping of a sort, comparing brands and products across all the offerings. They are rejecting the closed-in feel of a brand website — just like many do when they are inside the brick and mortar store.

The answer lies in your brand

Most companies, let alone retailers, get brand wrong in a variety of ways. The most common mistake is that they make the brand about themselves. That is, it is about the store, what it offers, what prices it has, what the retail company stands for.

If your brand is like that, then it is being ignored.

Instead, the most successful and meaningful brands are about the customer: A self-identification of who they aspire to be when they use your brand.

Think about Nike. Its brand is about winning. "Just Do It" means getting on with it without the fuss. Because it is a self-reflection of the customer, its Nike Stores and online presence feel synched. They are both about the customer.

The key is that the customer owns the brand, not you. Let's look at possibly the most powerful brand in the world and how it applies to the retail space.

Tom Dougherty, Retail Customer Experience
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