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How Periscope Can Work for Small Business

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 7/27/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media

Just launched this spring, Periscope has quickly become extremely popular. It is, in essence, a live-streaming video app so people can send out live video of themselves to a group of followers. And while it has become a hit mainly for personal interaction, Periscope's potential has yet to be truly tapped by the business world. But that may be beginning to change, as explained in this article from Duct Tape Marketing. Check out the excerpt below, but be sure to read through the full article to see how Periscope might be able to set your store apart!


What could you post on Periscope?

You can post anything, so the real question is what would add value to your community? What would make someone take note of the value you deliver? What would help your stand out in a way that would make people want to join your community?

My friend Michael Port shot his recording the audio book for his upcoming book. Now he’s a known expert, but there was something very real about watching him do interesting work.

Anyone can show the office staff interacting, show how their product is made, or do candid interviews with clients as a way to showcase the human elements of the brand.

Consultants should consider doing live Q and A session on a schedule. Mini webinars are sure to be a hit on Periscope. My guess is that brands will start holding press conferences on Periscope. Events will certainly tap the portable nature of this network to promote event happenings. Look for large scale announcements to start cropping up.

Imagine new product demos and even customer service via Periscope. The face of a real human interactive live via video could be powerful for brands. I can’t imagine it will be long before flash sale promotions come to Periscope.

Some other considerations

If you have a large Twitter following already and you like doing video Periscope might make total sense. If you have already have a large following in other networks, you could certainly use this tool as a way to create a greater connection as long as you promote your scopes.

If you’re not that active in social media, don’t enjoy talking into a camera phone and are a bit nervous about anything raw and unscripted, don’t give Periscope a thought – there are other things to work on.

How to get started

  • Download the IOS or Android App
  • Create your username
  • Connect to Twitter
  • Find some people to follow and watch a dozen or so to get the hang of it (Periscope will suggest from your Twitter following.)
  • Fire up the app and start recording (others will find your)
  • Create a name for your session that’s very compelling – it’s the ad for your scope
  • Once you start recording you can flip the camera by double tapping the screen
  • To end a recording swipe down and hit the stop button

Of course now comes the hard part. How can Periscope technology help you add value to your existing and future client relationships?

I plan to run regularly scheduled scopes talking about marketing related tools as a way to connect with even more folks that choose that platform and like to participate in a more interactive experience.

I would love to hear your ideas on using this new technology.

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