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How Teaming up with Your Team Can Boost Your Business

Posted by Dean Asher on 1/6/16 11:00 PM
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Based out of central Missouri, Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group knows plenty about both brand promotion and rabid sports fans. Sandwiched between the Cardinals and the Royals — and firmly in Mizzou Tiger territory — the folks at Zimmer have long understood the value of working with a popular sports team to boost marketing reach for its stations. Have you considered partnering with teams on your campus to do the same for your store? Zimmer's offered tips on how to do it; we've pulled an excerpt for you, but check out the original post.


Why Associate Your Business with a Sports Team?

Tying your business to a sports team, like the Cardinals, can positively impact your brand image in many ways.

  • Being associated with a winning organization or team creates positive brand equity in the minds of consumers. They’ll see your business as a winner as well.

  • Winning sports teams get consumers excited, particularly when there’s a big game or championship series. They’re engaged, in a good mood, and potentially more receptive to marketing messages.

  • You’ll also be able to run promotional campaigns in alignment with local sports teams. Central Bank of St. Louis, for example, sponsored a bobblehead giveaway night this past season with the Cardinals.

How Can You Use This to Your Benefit?

Associating your business with a top-notch sports brand like the St. Louis Cardinals can have a positive impact in a few different areas:

  • Web Traffic - Simply advertising during a [game] is sure to generate some additional visitors to your website and social media pages. You can also engage influencers within the Cardinals organization and fan universe by interacting with them on social media and leverage them to share relevant content from your business that will help drive additional traffic.

  • Social Media Conversation - This is an area where it really pays to be creative when it comes to engaging with sports fans. Think about co-sponsoring charity events with the team or running contests on your Facebook or Twitter pages. These give your audience specific events, causes, or calls-to-action to make sure they not only visit your social media pages, but interact as well. Creating a specific hashtag for use on all your social media channels will also help to encourage people to share with their networks.

  • Tailored Messaging - By tailoring your message specifically to sports fans, they’ll perceive a connection with your brand on a more personal level.

  • Mobile Engagement - Nearly half of all sports fans in the US now follow their teams digitally. Sports fans love to engage on mobile devices, with a reported 60% of all mobile and tablet owners consuming sports-related content on their devices at least once a day. Fans also love using their devices to look up stats, player bios, and highlights. Mobile devices are now a crucial part of the experience even while watching a game live or on TV, so make sure to incorporate a plan for mobile engagement into your sports marketing strategy to reach your audience on this rapidly expanding channel.

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