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How to Integrate Social Media on Your Website

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 4/13/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media

Since you're surely all set up on social media by now (right?), your next step needs to be finding ways to integrate your social presence with the rest of your marketing efforts. Perhaps the most obvious place to start in that regard is your bookstore's website. Just by following a few simple steps, you could have your customers sharing things from your website to people that would have never otherwise seen them. This post from Hootsuite's blog will walk you through five of these ideas, some of which will only take you a few minutes to set up. We've included an excerpt from the article below, but we would encourage you to read through the whole thing to get the full message.

Social share and follow buttons

Make your content shareable with social share buttons. Not only do they help you increase awareness of your content, but when you provide your visitors the opportunity to share your content easily, you’re also improving user experience. When choosing social share buttons, make sure you only choose the social networks that matter to you. By keeping it simple and easy, you’ll be able to increase the probability of your content being shared. Best practices recommend that social share buttons are placed at the top, bottom, or along the side of your page. Make sure to also include social follow buttons to increase your social media following. If you look to the right of your page, go ahead and follow us!

Use social sharing widgets like Shareaholic

Social login

Did you know that 73% of users prefer to log in to a site with social login, as opposed to providing an email address and creating a new account. Improve your website visitors’ experience with social login, and increase your website registration conversions and retention. When you provide visitors the opportunity to sign up or log in via their social media profiles you’re shortening the registration process, which tends to lead to an increase in the conversion rate for user registrations. With the social data you collect through social login platforms, like LoginRadius, you’re able to collect more than 200 data points to help you make more personalized campaigns.

This is a social login product by LoginRadius

Social Video

Social videos are videos that are created and shared on social networks. The added bonus of social videos for marketers is that they provide an easy social media integration for your website. With so many social media platforms including video in the mix, it would be a missed opportunity to not include your social videos on your website too. For example, here at Hootsuite we like to use Vine videos to showcase quick how-to videos. Not only are these videos great on Vine, but they also make how-to blog posts more engaging.


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